Don't Even Think About It

Kayln Malik, younger of Zayn Malik, is more mature than Zayn of course, anyone is! While living in a flat together in London, Zayn knows that Kayln isn't the biggest fan of his band members, Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Niall... at all. The problem is, the boys, (mostly Harry and Niall, the only single) are all for her. Does her feelings towards them change?


1. Strongly Dislike is More the Word

“Come on!” I yelled, waiting by the door with my keys in my hand. “Hold your horses Kayln!” Zayn yelled, and I could hear him coming down the stairs. “Well you have to be at the studio in 20 minutes!” I said again, my hand resting on the doorknob and jingling the car keys in my hand. “Eh, it’s all good if we are a little late sis” he replied, flashing me a smile and winking as he came up in the hallway. “Whatever you say” I retorted, opening the door and walking to the car.

Wait, I never introduced myself. I’m Kayln. I have light brown hair, dark brownish gray eyes, and I’m a fit person, in my opinion. I am younger sister of Zayn Malik, but only by one year. Yes, from One Direction. Anyways, Zayn and I live in a flat together. Our mum wouldn’t let Zayn live by himself in London due to him "not being mature enough." Yet they think I'm mature, pshhh no. So my parents made me stay with him. Lucky thing my best friends go to college in London, oh and so does my boyfriend of 3 years, Damien. So I am officially Zayn’s designated driver, since he doesn’t have a driver’s license. Another note, I hate all of his band members. They are just too annoying. Maybe hate is a too strong of a word, so I’ll just say “strongly dislike.” For now.

So, by now we were almost at the studio. He has been working on writing Up All Night with his band members, Harry, Liam, Louis, and Niall. Yuk. (Just thinking of them disgusts me).  I pull up to the studio and walk in with him. Getting into the elevator, we make small talk. “So why don’t you like any of my band members?” Zayn asks, looking at the ground as he leaned up against the railing. “I find them annoying” I said, hitting the button to the 10th floor, to the studio.  “You know, they are into you, but you are off limits to them” he said, looking up to see my reaction. “Zayn, I have Damien anyways” I said, the elevator dinging to show we were at the 10th floor. “I’m really shady about him Kayln” he said, as we walked down the hallway to the grand studio doors. “Why?” I asked, holding open the doors for him. “He just seems like he is too good of a boyfriend to be true” Zayn said. “Yeah, but I could say that about you because I know that someday you will make a great boyfriend” I said, winking at him. “Awwww sis!” Zayn said sarcastically happy, giving me a hug with one of his arms.

“Hey Zayn, how ya doin’ mate?” Harry asked, all the boys coming up to greet us, giving a slight wolf whistle and checking me out. I scoffed and rolled my eyes. “Oh please” I murmured. “Just fine” Zayn almost growled. Guess he noticed the wolf whistle too. All of the guys seemed to have their eyes on me. “Okay I’m out. I have a date with my BOYFRIEND, text me when you want me to pick you up, ‘kay?” I said, exaggerating boyfriend to prove my point that they need to stop checking me out. “Or we could drive him home and we can hang out at his flat” Niall said. I narrowed my eyes at him as I spit out, “our flat” and walked out the door. “Nice south of the equator also” I hear Harry murmur. I just pecked him off as I continued walking. “BA-BA-BA-BURRRRRNNNNN” I heard all the boys say together. I chuckled as I made my way back to the car.

I am supposed to have a breakfast date with Damien today. He has work so he chose to have the date at Stabucks. It’s just a quick way to have breakfast, so he can get to work on time. As I walked up to Starbucks with my purse on my arm, I saw Damien giving some girl, around my age, a hug and a kiss to the cheek. I ran up to him and jerked the girl away from him. “Who is this!?” I questions, tears threatening to pour down my cheeks. “It’s not what you think it is, I swear Kayln!” Damien shouted, grabbing onto my shoulders. I jerked away from him, the salty tears now pouring. “Oh yeah, okay. Than care to explain?” I asked, not even looking at the year. I wiped the tears away with the back of my hand, waiting for him to answer.

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