Don't Even Think About It

Kayln Malik, younger of Zayn Malik, is more mature than Zayn of course, anyone is! While living in a flat together in London, Zayn knows that Kayln isn't the biggest fan of his band members, Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Niall... at all. The problem is, the boys, (mostly Harry and Niall, the only single) are all for her. Does her feelings towards them change?


3. Mixed Emotions

I don’t know why, but I was attacked by a tsunami of mixed emotions. Anger boiling up deep in my gut, confusion, and longing. For some reason, I felt myself kissing back. My mind was saying “NO, KAYLN STOP. YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING! DAMIEN IS YOURS FOREVER AND ALWAYS!”  He tried to slip his tounge into my mouth, but I pushed him off me before he could, although I was longing for his touch. He was still hovering right above me. “Why did you do that?” I whispered, more as a question to myself than to him. “Because you are a gorgeous bitch” Harry said, giving me a half smirk. “Is that a compliment?” I asked, now trying to get up. “For you, anything from me should be a considered a compliment because you are so damn beautiful” Harry said, pecking me again on my nose. “Okay, now you really need to go. I have a boyfriend. Oh god. How am I going to keep this from him? I can’t lie! Oh god, I’m a horrible girlfriend” I mumbled to myself, and paced back and forth in front of my bed.

Harry was just laying down on my bed in amusement, and holding himself up by his forearms. “Calm down babe, it was just a kiss!” Harry exclaims as if there were no worries in the world. “NO, I HAVE A BOYFRIEND AND THAT KISS COULD RUIN EVERYTHING! YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW BAD THIS COULD GET!” I screamed at him, crying and ready to pull out my hair. All of the boys came rushing into my room. Zayn immediately rushed to my side to comfort me. Draping his arms around my shoulders and rubbing my hair, cooing me with gentle words, trying to coax what happened out of me. “He kissed me” I whispered into Zayn’s now wet t-shirt. “He just came in and kissed you?” Zayn asked. I nodded, than I felt cold. Zayn stopped hugging me and stepped away. But I was immediately greeted by Liam. He did the same as Zayn, but you could tell that I was tense in his presence, seeing as he was trying even harder to comfort me. I decided that he wouldn’t pull the same stunts as Harry, since he has Danielle, and also because he seemed the most mature, so I relaxed and kept on crying.

Then I heard some more shouting. From Zayn to Harry. I heard someone storm out of my room and out of the house. I presumed it was Harry, since he was the one that caused all of this. “Liam, how am I supposed to keep this from Damien?” I asked, once my emotions were somewhat under control. Not really, because I just kept crying. “It’s not good to keep secrets in a relationship” Liam whispered. “Than what am I supposed to do?” I ask, honestly confused about the entire situation. “Tell him. Call him right now and tell him” he simply states, but with a caring tone in his voice. I am honestly starting to like him, (in a friendly way obviously).

I left Liam’s embrace and walked over to my bed, sitting down criss-cross apple sauce on it, (yes like a kindergartener would). As I hit Damien’s contact, Damien<3, I suddenly felt a wave of guilt crash on top of me again. “Hello?” he asked in a raspy voice. “Hey babe, it’s me” I said, kind of smiling to myself, distracted for a second because of his sexy morning sounding voice. “Oh hey!” he said, suddenly excited. “Um, there’s something I have to tell you…” I said, trailing off. “Yeah?” he asked. “Um, well. Harry kind of-” I started but got interrupted. “Damieeennnn come back to beeeeeed” was all I heard. It sounded like Cyerah. I would know because she whined this morning about going into a store at the mall. “WHY IS CYERAH AT YOUR HOUSE AND WHY DOES SHE WANT YOU TO GO BACK TO BED? ARE YOU HAVING SEX WITH YOUR SISTER!???” I ask, baffled because now Damien is cheating on me. I stood up because I couldn’t  I didn’t even feel the guilt anymore. “Ummmm, well, uhhhh… She isn‘t my sister. I kind of lied about that…” Damien responded. “WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK! DAMIEN, NOW I’M KIND OF GLAD HE KISSED ME. WE ARE SOOOOO OVER!” I yelled, crying even harder while I hung up. “ARRGGGHHHD ASDFJDKSLH” I yelled, throwing my phone into my pillows on the bed.

“What happened!?” Zayn asked, really worried. “He cheated on me, with his “sister” as he said she was” I cursed through clenched teeth. “Awww I’m so sorry” Zayn said, as he resumed the position he was in before, hugging me. Everyone else was starting to become less annoying as they gave sympathy to me also, even Horan. I received a round of hugs from everyone. I think I could get used to being friendly with them. They didn’t seem as annoying as I got to know them. All I have ever done was shut them out, since they were younger and famous, I just presumed that they were as annoying, disrespectful, and arrogant as any other famous young pop boy band. I guess the saying is true, don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

That night, we just decided to watch a movie together to get my mind of things. We ordered 3 large cheese pizzas from Dominos together. We watched Mean Girls, due to the fact that they left the movie picking in my hands. Every single awesome line they said, I quotes. Yet I never got around to see the black and white credits roll on the screen. My eyelids became too heavy, so all I saw was black as I drifted off into a much needed deep sleep.


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