Don't Even Think About It

Kayln Malik, younger of Zayn Malik, is more mature than Zayn of course, anyone is! While living in a flat together in London, Zayn knows that Kayln isn't the biggest fan of his band members, Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Niall... at all. The problem is, the boys, (mostly Harry and Niall, the only single) are all for her. Does her feelings towards them change?


2. Highway to Hell

“Listen, she is my sister. I haven’t seen her for years since she has been in Italy, studying. I figured you would like to meet her” Damien explained. I immediately flushed a deep color of red, embarrassed that I flipped out for nothing. “Oh. Well um sorry. Continue the hug” I said, trying to hide my face in my hands. Damien’s sister giggled and held out her hand. “Hi, I’m Cyerah, Damien’s sister. You must be Kayln. Damien has told me so much about you” she said giving me a warm smile as I shook her hand.

We all sat down, having a cup of coffee and a muffin. Damien ended up leaving for work, but since Cyerah and I had so much in common, we sat talking for around another hour. Then we decided to go shopping. I bought a teal sheer top and some ripped faded jeans. Cyerah bought a pretty summer dress, a light cream color with a dark tan skinny belt to go around the waist. To match the dress, she bought chestnut brown cowgirl boots. All together, I think we did really well.

We were about to walk into another store, when I got a call. Ugh. It was Zayn and his crew. “Hey, we were on our way home, when Harry’s car ran out of gas on the side of the highway. Can you come get us?” Zayn asked, scared to know what I would say. “Yeah, sure, I guess. Just make sure they aren’t annoying and all or else they get kicked out onto the highway” I said, smirking a little because I would do that. I said my apologies to Cyerah for having to leave so early, but she was okay with it.

On my way down the highway in my large hummer, I tapped my fingers against the wheel almost nervously. I just don’t want any more attention from Harry, especially since he is known as the "womanizer." And Niall for Christ’s sake. Yes he is cute, but he is still BLAH. No, they need to just stop. They wouldn’t leave me alone.

Finally I pulled up to the site where their car was out of gas. I hopped out of the car and looked into the window to see everyone sleeping. Deciding to do some revenge since they ruined my shopping spree with Cyerah. Going back to the car, I took out my purse and whacked the front of Harry’s car, not caring it if did any damage. The car alarm started going off, quite alarmingly, if you know what I mean. I watched in amusement as all the guys woke up, Harry even banging his head on the roof. I was cracking up laughing. Harry took out his keys and stopped the alarm. As if planned, the boys synchronizing perfectly, hopped out of the car together. “You guys ready to go?” I asked, biting on my bottom lip to hide me smile and giggles. “What the fuck was that for!?” Harry asked, pointing back at his car. “Many reasons. One, you ruined my shopping date with Cyerah, a new friend of mine. Two, you and Niall need to stop checking out my ass. You guys are  quite annoying, so hop off” I said getting up in Harry‘s face, my finger to his chest. I turned on my heels and walked to the car.

Getting into the driver’s seat, I heard Zayn cackling at Harry for being told off. The rest of the boys got into the car, and to my surprise, Harry wasn’t done with me yet. He was in the passenger’s seat and grinning at me like he just won the lottery. I groaned and started up my car. On the highway, Harry was idly chatting with the boys in the back. “Wait pull over” Harry said, leaning in closer to me. “Why? Can’t this wait until we get home?” I asked, still driving. “No, I want to move my seat” Harry said. “THANK GOD!” I exclaimed making Zayn laugh his ass off, and I pulled over without hesitation. Soon enough, after Harry’s ass whipped by my face to get in the back. Thankfully, no one took his seat so I was all alone.

What isn’t so thankful, was that whispering replaced most of the laughing. All I hear was Zayn, Louis, and Liam’s laughing and casual talking. I looked in my rear view mirror and saw Niall and Harry whispering. They look up and Harry sends me a cheeky smile while Niall winks. I purse my lips and focus back on the road.

Finally getting home, I just go directly up to my room, leaving behind the boys to do whatever. Immediately, I lay on my bed and twitter on my iPhone. Signing in as @ItsKayln, I saw that I got like 1,000 new followers and a bunch of mentions… Why? The first mention I see is from Harry Styles. Oh god… It was a picture of my ass from when I walked out of the building this morning. AW HELL NAW! The caption was “Are you wearing space pants, because yo' ass is outta this world! ;D @ItsKayln” I was fuming. With iPhone in hand, I practically flew downstairs, storming into the living room. I marched right in front of Harry with my phone in hand. “WHAT’S THIS!?” I ask, shoving it in his face. “Your ass” Harry said, cheekily smirking back. “Why is it on twitter!?” I fumed, my hand on my hip, tapping my foot like I’m a school teacher. “Because I liked the picture, and I tweeted it” he retorted blandly. “Oh really? Don’t tweet a picture of me or my ass. Ever. Again” I said before smacking his face and marching back to my room. I was not in the mood for this any more. Deciding to take a nap, I just changed into sweat shorts and a tank top and passed out on top of my covers.

“Hehehehehehe” was all I heard, as I was half awake, half asleep. It sounded like giggling from a little school girl. Was this a dream? I cracked my eye lid open just a smidge to look through my eye lashes to see the boys standing there with whipped cream in their hands. The fuck? Then it hit me. Literally. They were spraying me all over with whipped cream. I immediately shot out of bed. “WHAT THE FUCK GUYS!?” I exclaimed, rubbing off all the whipped cream everywhere on my body. “What? It’s funny…” Niall said, dropping the cans and drooping his head to the floor. The rest of the boys looked guilty also, (and sorry), except for Harold. He just stood there, with his hands behind his back and grinning at me with his head tilted to the side. “And you,” I said, getting up in his face with my finger to his chest, “need to stop trying to get with me. I have a boyfriend fyi. Nice try” I said before escaping into my bathroom.

Before hopping into the shower, I heard the cackling of the rest of the boys. It was missing something. The deep laughter of Zayn. Then everyone grew quiet all of a sudden. I put my ear to the door and heard some muffled talking. “She’s right. Niall and Harry, you are off limits to Kayln. You guys are like brothers for one, so it would for awkward if either of you dated her. Two, she has Damien, her boyfriend. I know Liam and Louis won’t try to get with her because they have Danielle and Eleanor. So you two need to hop off” I heard Zayn momentarily. Than everyone left my room.

After taking a nice hot steaming shower, I got out of the bathroom with just a towel around myself and my hair, I picked out some gray sweats and a Damien’s white v-neck t shirt. I loved this shirt, simply because it was his. Anyway, I just laid down on my bed and plugged my headphones into my phone and just laid back and listened. Lightly closing my eyes, I was suddenly disturbed by a loud knock. I took out one ear bud and sang “come in!” Harry came into the room and closed the door behind him. “Um…. Hi?” I said. Without a word, Harry just came over to me.

Soon, he was basically straddling me on top of the bed. “Oh? Can you please get off?” I asked politely, because I know Harry is just attracted to me being aggravated and mad at him. Before I knew it, he was leaning in and crashed his lips onto mine.

A/N: Hey guys! So I decided to make an outfit for this chapter and the previous chapter, (they are the same one). Here goes!!!!

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