Don't Even Think About It

Kayln Malik, younger of Zayn Malik, is more mature than Zayn of course, anyone is! While living in a flat together in London, Zayn knows that Kayln isn't the biggest fan of his band members, Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Niall... at all. The problem is, the boys, (mostly Harry and Niall, the only single) are all for her. Does her feelings towards them change?


4. Feeling Sorry?

I woke up in my bed, at 7:30 am. Someone must have brought me up here, because I remember falling asleep on the couch. Then it hit me. I am not a free woman, single. All because of a cheater. That twat. Cheating on me with his "sister" that I grew to love over a shopping date, and grew to hate in the matter of seconds. SHE ruined everything. Then another realization hit me. But it's thanks to Harry. I owe him. He saved my heartache. It's better that we ended it now, so that we weren't so much more in love, or else it would have been so much worse. But I don't want to owe Harry anything. He doesn't deserve anything. He kissed me, that twat.

I got out of bed with heavy eyes from crying so much yesterday. It was hard, and it will be today. It was now Sunday, and thank god I didn't have work on the weekends. You see, I work at a pre-school as a student teacher intern. No school=No work. Simple as that. All of the boys must have slept over because as I was walking down the stairs, I heard the slight snores of all of them, besides Harry.

Why do my thoughts always drift back to Harry!?


Food, that's what I need in my system. I go into the kitchen and pull out a bowl and cereal. I go to the fridge to get the milk and there is none. Great. I was in the mood for Cocoa Pebbles too. Ugh. This day isn't going to be good. I put all of the necessities for cereal away and get out the Pop Tarts. I don't even put them in the toaster, I just take them out of the package and eat them as they are. Going over to the couch, I see there is no room for me to sit and watch TV.

Sighing, I lift up Zayn's legs slightly, and slip underneath them, placing his legs on top of mine. He moved slightly, but never woke up. Turning on the TV, I started watching Friend's re-runs and Niall starts stirring in his sleep, from right on the side of me. I turn down the volume, but it's no use seeing as he was already yawing and stretching. He looks at me and smiles, knowing I was watching him while he was stirring in his sleep. But I mean only to see if he would wake up. Ughh just stop Kayln. Stop thinking.

I blush and go back to watching Friend's. "Hey, sorry for hitting on you and stuff earlier... You seem really nice and I just want to get to know you, only friend's I promise. I won't try to pull anything" Niall says, getting into sitting position and holding out his hand. Was he serious? I examined his face and he seemed to bee completely serious about this. Eh why not? YOLO! Okay now seriously Kayln? Yolo? Just stop existing.... "Deal, but I swear, if you pull one thing, I will smack you. Oh, and it's okay" I said, narrowing my eyes, but not being able to keep a straight face. I needed to stay happy today. Not think of him, (quick A/N: by him I mean Damien, not Harry).  I'm not really the type to cry for days after a break up. As long as I don't think about it, I'm okay. "I know you will" Niall chuckles, and we shook hands on it.

"Kaaylllnnnn" Niall whined after we watched around 2 hours of re-runs. The boys were still sleeping, but Niall helped me move Zayn onto the floor, (no worries, he had a pillow under his head. He was somewhat comfortable). Now we had the whole coach to ourselves.

"Niaallllllll" I whined right back. He poked my sides making me laugh a little, seeing as I was very ticklish.

"Wanna make me breakfast? Pleaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeeee" he complained continuing the please, protruding his bottom lip and giving me the puppy dog eyes.

"Fine, what do you want?" I said, causing him to stop. He jumps in his seat and goes to the kitchen, searching through the cabinets. He pulls out a box of Jiffy corn muffin mix. I get up and hop over Zayn, before making my way over to Niall to start making the muffins.

40 minutes later, everyone was awaking to to the smell of the muffins that are almost done baking in the oven.

"HURRY UP MUFFINS! I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!" Niall yelled at the oven, stomping his foot.

"Niall stop! You are making such a ruckus for one, and two, you will make the muffins flat!!!" I yelled at him, slapping him in the chest with the pack of my hand.

"Oww" he complained, rubbing his chest where I hit him. "Why don't you become a boxer?" Niall said, joking obviously.

"Already am. It's my part time job" I joked, winking at him.

The oven went off, signaling the muffins were done. I pulled them out and Niall shoved a corn muffin down his throat.

"HOT HOT HOT" Niall said, spitting the muffin back into his hands.

"Ewww" I complained, looking at the half-chewed lump in his hands.

"Now I can't taste anything. My tongue is burnt" Niall said, pouting.

"Sucks now doesn't it" I said, playfully. But I regret it already. Niall smashed his disgusting half-chewed muffin onto my shirt.

"NIALL! GIMME A HUG BROTHA!" I said, just like in Drake & Josh. I ran at him, smushing myself into him. He didn't see it coming, so with my impact we fell to the floor with an oof.

That's when Zayn walked in at the wrong time. "Ooo I smell-" and trailed off when he saw us on the floor, me on top of Niall. He rubbed his eyes, yet we were still there, lying to close to each other, body against body.

"Umm?????" Zayn questioned, not even saying anything.

"I swear it was nothing!" I said, scrambling to get off of Niall and continued "he threw his half-chewed muffin at my shirt, and to get back at him I went to go hug him to get it on him. He wasn't expecting it and he fell, causing me to fall with him. That's when you walked in!" I tried to explain.

"Mhmm sure" Zayn said, smirking. He grabbed a muffin and left.

Niall started laughing his arse off, but I don't know why? I started blushing really hard from embarrassment of being caught like that, when we were doing nothing. He saw me blushing and tried to get serious by coughing, but he couldn't help but smile.

I guess it was funny a little bit, but it just annoys me how he walked in at the wrong time. What if Zayn is believing me but he is being an douche bag and pretending not to believe me? Ughhhh, he is so mysterious.

"Sorry" Niall mumbled after gaining some composure, but his eyes not being able to look at me without laughing again.

"It's all good. You know Niall, you aren't as much of a twat as I thought you were" I said, looking at him.

He met my gaze and smiled, without even a little chuckle, he was able to look into my eyes.

"Don't judge a book by it's cover" Niall said, getting up off the floor. I got up with him, and sat on the counter, eating a muffin. It's true what he said though. I completely judged him and Harry by the way I thought they would turn out to be. Manwhores who just liked my ass, and blinded by fame, but they were the complete opposite. Well, at least Niall was. Harry, I don't know about. He still seems like a manwhore to me, but I shouldn't judge anymore. I learned from Niall that you need to get to know a person before you judge them. I hopped off the counter and went over to Niall. I hugged him tightly and thankfully. He hugged me back, and even put his chin on top of my head

"What was that for?" Niall asks, smiling a little at the moment that just happened after pulling away from each other.

"Just for helping me open my eyes, to see what people are truly before judging them on whether or not they can participate in my life. I judged you way to early and I am entirely sorry for that. I was wrong to think of you as a twat manwhore. Now, you are like a brother to me, although we have only hung out for a numerous amount of hours" I said, hugging him lightly again.

"No problem" Niall responded, wrapping his arms around me. He kissed my hairline gently and rubbed my hair.

When I moved, I was then reminded by the muffin disgustingness on our shirts.

"Ummm I'm going to go change...." I said, before taking off into my room.

I started picking out an outfit, determined to do something productive today, maybe even with the lads. They aren't as bad as I thought. At all. Besides Harry of course.


A/N: Okay, so thank you guys for continuing on reading. So I have a thought. Is it okay with you guys if I just change a couple things in the previous chapters? I just want to make Kayln younger than most of the boys, just so it wouldn't be awkward if one of the boys do end up dating Kayln. Please respond on your thoughts! Thanks, okay bye!

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