broken and loved(niall horan love story)

Hello. Okay let me tell you some stuff about me my name is rose, I’m constantly abused by my father, since my mother died he has abused me and he is always drunk, I’m just glad my little sister lives with my best friend. My best friend took her in because I asked if she could so ivory, my little sister didn’t see her dad like this and see what he does to me, I try to visit her as often as I can but it’s not very often. My sister and my name are the names of flowers because my mum loved, the names and they were her favourite flowers before my sister and me came along then we were her favourite flowers.


4. the truth & shopping

Louis’ P.O.V

When I got to Niall’s house he was cooking I sat at the table talking to him. When I saw a beautiful young lady with a cast and crouches out of the corner of my eye I stopped talking when niall said “morning babe”. Niall as his usual self said “morning babe” “ morning” she said in a tired voice and made her way over to Niall and kissed him on the lips he looked kind of taken aback but I didn’t bother ask. When she reached the table I pulled a chair out for he to sit on, she sat down and said “thank you” in sweet voice I introduced myself then she did. Niall came over and put the food on the table and kissed rose on the cheek, she grabbed a couple of pancakes, bacon and eggs. She was about to start but she must’ve had a really bad pain, because she was about to cry and scream. Niall ran over to the kitchen again and came back with a cup of water and a tablet within seconds. She had the tablet then thanked niall it didn’t take long before the tablet kicked in, she stated eating not long after I asked niall how did him and rose meet, “last night when I would call you back” he said in a questioning voice “is that when she hurt her leg” I asked in a curious voice, “ I guess so and she’s staying as long as she likes” he said in a voice as to ask any more questions I ignored it “why didn’t she go back to her house” I asked questioningly, niall looked at rose then both of them were whispering and rose suddenly said “ok” niall told me everything. After breakfast niall asked rose if she wanted to spend the day with us she said “sure I would love to” after their little convo, the boys came bursting through the door laughing and acting stupid when they saw rose they introduced themselves. When niall came back over from the kitchen “can I trust them” she asked worried if she told them they would be nasty or something along those lines. “yes you can do you want me to tell them” he said in an understanding voice “yes” she said not sure, after niall told the boys they said stuff like that barsted will pay and that kent and other stuff like that. After the lads rant they said “ are you guys ready” rose than said “ no not really I have no clothes” in a unconfident voice, “ well it looks like where going shopping then” all the lads said a little too cheery with that we left, niall gave rose a hoodie and sunglasses so our fans didn’t spot us or mob us but the mob doesn’t happen its just precaution. When we finished shopping rose had 3pairs of short shorts and normal, 5 tops, 2 pairs of skinny jeans, 2 hoodies, 2 pairs of converse, a pair of ray bans and makeup and the essential’s, in the long run we really didn’t spend that much it only cost $550 for everything.


sorry for the shortish chapter its just because its getting late here where i live its a school night sorry but injoy your selves and comment thx xx :) <3

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