broken and loved(niall horan love story)

Hello. Okay let me tell you some stuff about me my name is rose, I’m constantly abused by my father, since my mother died he has abused me and he is always drunk, I’m just glad my little sister lives with my best friend. My best friend took her in because I asked if she could so ivory, my little sister didn’t see her dad like this and see what he does to me, I try to visit her as often as I can but it’s not very often. My sister and my name are the names of flowers because my mum loved, the names and they were her favourite flowers before my sister and me came along then we were her favourite flowers.


6. shopping and singing

Harry’s P.O.V

When we got to Niall’s we entered and saw a girl we introduced ourselves, then she did Niall came and rose whispered something then Niall whispered something and rose whispered back something again and kissed him. Niall told us about what happened we hugged her and said “your safe with us” Niall told us that she was spending the day with us, “what are we doing today” Rose asked “going to the movies” Niall replied “ok what are we seeing? and can I please borrow a beanie and sunglasses so my dad doesn’t see me” Rose said in a questioning voice, “ where seeing les miserable and sure you can borrow a beanie and sunglasses” Niall said in a caring voice “ thank you so much for every thing” rose said “no problem anytime you better go get changed” Niall said in a very caring voice, “oh um er I don’t really have any and I don’t have any money” Rose said in a shy voice “ well then it looks like where going shopping” we all said sorta excited.

“oh really you don’t have to I don’t want you guys spending money on me” rose said grateful for our offer “we want to we don’t want you to freeze to death and you don’t have any money to buy them your self” all the lads said in caring voices like brothers including me of course, “ok thank you so much for all your help” Rose said gratefully she got changed in some clothes that I have to admit didn’t look that good they were tattered and torn they barley covered her body. We all walked to the van and rose took the seat closest to the door because of her leg then we got in Niall sat next to rose. It was a 10 minute drive to the mall when we got there we got out first then Niall helped rose out as Niall was grabbing her crouches rose was leaning on him so she didn’t fall Niall handed rose her crouches and we were off shopping.

We went to the shops my sister Gemma went to and El and Perrie because rose had never been shopping before. Rose didn’t really want to spend our money so she settled on a couple of cheap shorts, 2cheap pairs of pants, a couple of dresses and skirts, a bikini, converse and slip on shoes, a beanie and sunglasses she didn’t spend that much it was around 200 or 250 because of the shoes and sunglasses which is defiantly not that much. After we were finished we went back to Niall’s place and Rose got dressed Niall helped her with the shorts because of the cast then he came down rose came down and asked how she looked “absolutely stunning” Niall said caringly and she did actually look stunning she blushed and said “thank you” and kissed Niall. Before we left for the movies we went to nandos for lunch it was good after we finished we headed to the movies half way there Rose was singing she sounded amazing.   



im so sorry for the long wait iv got the worst luck but anyway comment what you think plz it would mean a lot thx xx :) <3 

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