broken and loved(niall horan love story)

Hello. Okay let me tell you some stuff about me my name is rose, I’m constantly abused by my father, since my mother died he has abused me and he is always drunk, I’m just glad my little sister lives with my best friend. My best friend took her in because I asked if she could so ivory, my little sister didn’t see her dad like this and see what he does to me, I try to visit her as often as I can but it’s not very often. My sister and my name are the names of flowers because my mum loved, the names and they were her favourite flowers before my sister and me came along then we were her favourite flowers.


3. scared and breakfast

Rose’s P.O.V

After we were finished at the hospital I got back into Niall’s car “where is my bag” I asked panicked. Niall gestured to where it was and said “there it is” I breathed a sigh of relief then Niall told me that I was staying at his house tonight, “o-o-k-k” I stuttered I must’ve sounded afraid because he asked me what was wrong I told him everything. When we reached his house I finished and I was bawling my eyes out and he hugged me, it must of been uncomfortable but I don’t think he cared “you can as long as you like” he said in a caring voice. “Thank you” I said rubbing the tear stains off my cheek and grabbed my bag then my crouches he let me go ahead first then he followed just in case I fell over he could help before I hit the ground. When we got to the door he opened it and let me in, he shut the door when we were inside I thought to myself what a gentlemen. He lead me to his room “you can sleep in my bed tonight” he said it with so much care it made me feel happy inside that someone cared, “ok thank you” I said hesitantly he started to leave then out of nowhere “Niall please don’t leave me alone” I pleaded scared of my father, “do you want me to stay and make sure that basted won’t hurt you” he said the last few words a little harsh and angry of what my father had done to me, “yes please” I pleaded and begged “ok, do you have any clothes to sleep in?” he asked in the best caring and apologetic voice he could muster I knew he was still a little angry that’s what the apologeticness in his voice was for, “no” I somehow got my voice to say in a its ok I don’t care what you said about my father I don’t know how I mustered it but I did, he went over to his drawers and pulled out a pair of his boxers and a hoodie and handed them to me he went into the bathroom so I didn’t have to move my leg to much, after I was finished getting changed I said in a tired voice “it’s safe to come out of the bathroom” when he came out I was already under the sheets on the bed he stripped down and climbed in beside me and I fell asleep on his chest.

The next morning  

The next day I woke up and Niall was gone I grabbed my crouches and headed down stairs, I saw Niall cooking and a guy that had brown hair, stripped  shirt and suspenders when I got to the end of the stairs I realized that it was Louis from one direction and I was staying in the Niall Horan’s house, Louis looked at me Niall turned towards me “morning babe” he said in a caring voice I was starting think he likes me and I must say I like him to, “morning” I said in a sexy tired morning voice I don’t know why I did that but I didn’t really care, I headed over to niall and gave him a peck on the lips and went to sit down when I got to the table Louis pulled a chair out for me to sit on, I sat down and said “thank you” he introduced himself formally and I did the same we started talking then Niall came over and placed the pancakes and French toast on the table and bacon, I grabbed a couple of each and put it on my plate I was about to start when I felt an agonising pain in my leg.

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