broken and loved(niall horan love story)

Hello. Okay let me tell you some stuff about me my name is rose, I’m constantly abused by my father, since my mother died he has abused me and he is always drunk, I’m just glad my little sister lives with my best friend. My best friend took her in because I asked if she could so ivory, my little sister didn’t see her dad like this and see what he does to me, I try to visit her as often as I can but it’s not very often. My sister and my name are the names of flowers because my mum loved, the names and they were her favourite flowers before my sister and me came along then we were her favourite flowers.


8. movies and A/N

zayn's P.O.V

after 10 minutes rose had sung about 3-4 songs and then we pulled up infront of the movie theater all the boys including me were staring at her, you could tell she was getting freaked out so we all just got out and niall helped rose. we got into the theater and rose was just standing there not moving like she just saw a gost "are you ok rose" i asked concern in my voice "we need to leave" her voice came out barley a whisper, i yelled for the guys and we all left quikly w got in the car and lou sped off. half way through the ride back home niall and the rest of us were comforting rose because she bursted out into tears. "whats wrong rose" i asked concerned like the rest were "i-i-i saw m-m-my d-dad" she said burting into tears again and we all sat there hugging rose. we finally got back to the house it felt like ages we got out and niall helped rose out of the car and took her up to his room he came back down 10 minutes later without rose. "where's rose" we all asked worried "shes asleep" niall answered releived "is she ok" i asked rleived aswell "yea shes ok she just doesn want to go any where today" niall answered "ok" i said releived she was ok we all sat down on the couch and watched movies "zayn can i talk to you" niall blurted out "sure" i said we walked into the kitchen, "do you like rose"he asked "what no shes like my sister even though we just met" i answered shocked by the question "oh ok sorry i just wanted to ask because i like her" niall said looking down "niall we all no you like her and she likes you youve been kissing all morning basically" i said, he just looked down and said yea then we went back and watched more tv.



sorry for the long wait and sorry for the short chapter and the bad chapter because  wrote up to chapter 8 by hand and there gone missing so its just an improvisation but ill make the nxt chapter better. 




it would mean alot if you did and sorry for the bad puncuation and grammar and bad spelling

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