broken and loved(niall horan love story)

Hello. Okay let me tell you some stuff about me my name is rose, I’m constantly abused by my father, since my mother died he has abused me and he is always drunk, I’m just glad my little sister lives with my best friend. My best friend took her in because I asked if she could so ivory, my little sister didn’t see her dad like this and see what he does to me, I try to visit her as often as I can but it’s not very often. My sister and my name are the names of flowers because my mum loved, the names and they were her favourite flowers before my sister and me came along then we were her favourite flowers.


2. hospital

niall’s P.O.V

I was talking to Louis on the phone then I said I would call him back because I heard someone scream in pain. I went over and saw a girl holding her leg screaming and sobbing violently I introduced myself. She tried to say something but all she could do was scream and weep. I sat next to her trying to calm her down she stopped screaming but she was still sobbing violently. I picked her up bridal style leaving the leg that was hurting out of my grasp. When I picked her up she winced in pain but I didn’t know why we reached my car I put her in the passenger seat after I put her in I walked around and sat in the driver’s seat. When I got in I noticed that she had a back pack on I took it off then started driving to the hospital. When we got there she had stopped crying as I was getting out she grabbed my hand and said her name is “rose” then I got her out, when I got her out she winced in pain again I still was confused and took her to emergency they helped her straight away they took her to x-ray, and I waited when she came back she looked like she had been bawling her eyes out again, the doctor came in and said “her ankle was broken, and she can go home tonight after he puts the cast on”. Rose was screaming and weeping violently so I went over and held her hand she calmed down a little but she was still crying. When the doctor was done he gave rose some tablets enough for 4 months and she took one, the doctor got her crouches and we left. When we got in the car she asked where her bag was, I told her and she breathed a sigh of relief, I told her she was staying with at my house tonight “o-ok” she stuttered, she sounded afraid but afraid of what. I asked her what was wrong and she told me everything she finished, when we got to my apartment she was sobbing I hugged her, it wasn’t very comfy and I said “you can stay with me as long as you like” she said ”thank you”, and grabbed her bag put it on her back and grabbed her crouches. I let her go ahead of me when we reached the door I opened it and let her in.  

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