Love me once again (Liam Payne)

Jenna Marie is a normal girl. She isn't popular but she has friends. every one needs them am I right. But no one knows about her secret boyfriend. Liam Payne from one direction was her boyfriend. Later on every one finds out. She gets hate. But that's reality when your with someone famous. But when she gets one terrible one she can't do it any more. She ended their relationship and tried to move on. Liam obviously moved on because he went out with her best friend Danielle. She has to get used to the fact her best friends dating her ex. Then his album came out and she was forced to go and watch it. In the end she gets the album dedicated to her. Liam was getting married. But he didn't like her Jenna was still the one.


3. chapter 3

I don't know what to do since I just got the car and I don't want every one too know I date the Liam Payne.  I am just confused. I walked past her and she said.

"well I guess it is tell everybody that your Liams girlfriend"

"oh like they will totally believe you there Charlotte"'

that's true they won't believe her no one does when they say that. All they receive is hate which I am terribly sorry for the people but it just isn't right telling lies. But this time I'm happy because it will be Charlotte who receives the hate. She deserves it for making deals with people just to make them miserable. Which is exactly what is happening here.

She groaned and left. yeh take your fat but with you and your two side walkers. I got a text message and it was from Liam saying

"hey babe how's school'  

"good thank god it's the last day of school"

as soon as I sent that text someone screamed

"oh my god it's Liam Payne's girlfriend" 

and that as my cue to run. I ran with millions of people following after me screaming. I just wasn't ready to be famous. I hid in the toilet and looked at my twitter and Liam tweeted

(isn't his twitter name)

@Liams_hot me and my beautiful girlfriend @Jenna_Liam together. 

then there was a photo of us kissing. Oh my good Liam can be such a Payne sometimes (get it).I finally got out of the toilets to find paparazzi every where. I ran. time to skip school. I messaged Liam saying

"are you home from tour"

"yeh why"

"I'm coming"

I got in my car started the ignition and drove out of the parking bay. I reached Liam's house and he was leaning against his car. I got out and smiled. I reached him and kissed him. He broke the kiss saying

"they know don't they" tears welled up in my eyes and I said"yes but I'm not ready for this Liam""It's okay we go back up in a week so we can settle things out" he gave me a reassuring smile and I smiled back. I felt happy around him


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