Love me once again (Liam Payne)

Jenna Marie is a normal girl. She isn't popular but she has friends. every one needs them am I right. But no one knows about her secret boyfriend. Liam Payne from one direction was her boyfriend. Later on every one finds out. She gets hate. But that's reality when your with someone famous. But when she gets one terrible one she can't do it any more. She ended their relationship and tried to move on. Liam obviously moved on because he went out with her best friend Danielle. She has to get used to the fact her best friends dating her ex. Then his album came out and she was forced to go and watch it. In the end she gets the album dedicated to her. Liam was getting married. But he didn't like her Jenna was still the one.


2. chapter 2

I went down stairs to the kitchen and mum was there cooking dad's breakfast. Dad was reading the news letter. Typical dads. "hey mum" I said getting a up and go from the fridge.

"hey darling Happy birthday"

"Seeya mum and dad"


I left and went walking. I didn't have a car. Mum came running. 

"Jenna wait"

"yes mum" 


she handed me a pair of car keys and said

"the car on the lawn"

I ran to our lawn and there was a Chevrolet a red one too.

I ran up to mum and said

"thank you mum"

"I didn't get you it"

"who did" I said sounding quite confused.


"you little seeya mum"

"bye happy birthday"

I got in my new car and turned it on. I drove out the driveway and went to school. every one was giving me weird looks like 'since when did she get that car'well I got it just then from my famous boyfriend. 

Then the girl I hate most Charlotte came.

"what do you want Charlotte"

"why have you got that car"

"it's my birthday present and why are you jealous"


I could tell she was because she only got a commodore. 

"well nice chatting to you even though we didn't have a conversation"


"what do you want"

"I know your secret"

"hmm and what's that"

"you Liam Payne's girlfriend"

"ha I wish"

"no I know you are and I'm not afraid of telling every body if you don't give me your car"

"how do you know"

"duh I live next door and I hear every thing you say and do and I even saw him in your room and you were kissing"

"that's no where near true Liam's on tour"

"no he just came home from tour today"

obsessed much!

"how do you know all this" I asked curious.

"we are obsessed with one direction"

"state the obvious"

"well hurry up and make your choice"  









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