Love me once again (Liam Payne)

Jenna Marie is a normal girl. She isn't popular but she has friends. every one needs them am I right. But no one knows about her secret boyfriend. Liam Payne from one direction was her boyfriend. Later on every one finds out. She gets hate. But that's reality when your with someone famous. But when she gets one terrible one she can't do it any more. She ended their relationship and tried to move on. Liam obviously moved on because he went out with her best friend Danielle. She has to get used to the fact her best friends dating her ex. Then his album came out and she was forced to go and watch it. In the end she gets the album dedicated to her. Liam was getting married. But he didn't like her Jenna was still the one.


1. Chapter 1

I woke up in the morning feeling rested. I need to go to school. Oh sorry I'm so rude for not introducing myself I'm Jenna Marie turned 18 just today. This is the last day at Mitmorie high school. I'm glad because schools a terror. Any way I'm just a normal girl. Do you know my secret?

I am Liam Payne's secret girlfriend and he is my secret boyfriend. I don't want to tell anyone not even my best friends. Yeh I have heard of the saying'best friends tell all there secrets' but they are the the biggest directioners I have ever seen. I mean there bed sheets are one direction. They are always saying"goodnight Harry night Louis night Liam night Niall night Zayn"

yeh there directioners. I don't know how to explain it them they will go mad and tell everyone. or they will think I'm lying but I'm not. Tell me do you think I'm telling the truth?. well I am if you think so or not I am not lying. I'm not a lier what's the point of lying. Well I have got to get ready.

I put on my favourite t-shirt it says you only live once. I wear those type of shirts. I put on some red jeans. I'm not the girl's that wears singlets that are exposing and short shorts that show off your legs. I'm not proud of my body and I don't want a random boy looking at me like oh she's hot 

I will wait till I find the right boy too show my body off to. And not just a random boy. I did that once and he broke my heart. So it's hard for people to earn my trust. People say I'm harsh. But would you do the same if someone broke your heart you could never trust the right person again am I right. Well I think I am exactly right because I know how it feels do you know how it feels? I'm sure some of you know well if you do don't be afraid to carry on. 


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