Louis and Evelyn have a true love story he saw her at a One Direction concert and couldn't help but fall for her right there on the spot. Their love story became famous and known from England to the states.
When Louis and Evelyn got married Louis 21 Evelyn 20, There marriage was after Liam and Danielle's well Liam and Danielle had been working with MTV on a show called "Newlyweds Liam & Danielle" they had finished their 3 seasons but it ended with a bang as Louis proposed to Evelyn.
Louis and Evelyn were offered the sow and they took it. Follow Louis and Evelyn on their journey through the life of Newlyweds.


2. The Wedding/ First Episode Part 2

-Evelyn's POV-

I look over and see her 10,000 times prettier than me looking better than me
"Be right back" Louis says in my ear anger in his voice
"Louis, don't be too harsh" I said he nods and kisses my forehead.
"I won't" he said
-Louis' POV-

"Louis, don't be too harsh" she says I nod and kiss her on the forehead
"I won't" that was my first lie of my marriage with Evelyn. I've had enough of Eleanor budding into my life. This time I'm gonna loose it. She sees me in the crowed approaching her she opens her arms for a hug when I turn away
"Follow me" I said she nodded I led her out of the room making sure the camera guys didnt follow me Harry gave me the reassuring nod that he had my back. I led her into the room I sighed
"What are you doing here Eleanor?" I asked annoyance clear in my voice
"I wasn't going to miss your wedding day" she said
"What's the point of being here? We're not friends." I said she nodded
"In my mind we are" she said
"That's a one sided friend ship" I said
"I thought you'd be happy to see me" she said
"Yah I'm just going to be over joyed at the sight of my ex girlfriend at my wedding" he said
"Sorry? What if the camera men saw you? You'd ruin my life El... I mean Eleanor" I refused to use her nick name. "I'm sorry" she said putting her hand on my arm just above my elbow I moved away
"Did you just recoil?" She asked
"Yeah cause I don't like you I'm asking you nicely once more time Eleanor, please leave" I said
"Why?" She asked
"I'm going to get Paul" I threatened
"No Louis wait" she said
"No Eleanor not anymore." I said
"I'm not leaving" she said crossing her arms
"Eleanor please please please leave" I said saying please each time with more force
"No" she said
"Ok then" I reached behind my back and pressed the button on the links braclet Paul had given soon Paul came threw the door and grabbed Eleanor's arm
"Sorry Eleanor but you weren't invited" Paul said I raised my brows at her she glared at me I waved good bye to her and joined Evelyn again as everyone danced
"Is she gone?" She asks with a smile to make it look like nothing's wrong
"Yes" I said smiling back we didn't want drama in our very first episode.

I grab two glasses of champaign and my Mum and Sisters come over the camera crew appears my Mum hugs Evelyn then me. Lottie doesn't even look at me she was always disappointed that I broke up with Eleanor, but when I found Evelyn she never gave her a chance here's another chance for drama...
Fizzy hugs Evelyn then me and then returns to my Mums side Daisy and Phoebe hug my legs I stroked their soft hair they did the same to Evelyn I loved my family more than anything and to have them here was amazing.

-Evelyn's POV-

It was time to cut the cake. We had a beautiful cake it was covered in edible pictures in collages of Louis and the boys me and the boys all sorts of pictures Louis and Lottie Daisy with Niall because he was her favorite Louis proposing to me was the biggest one on the top layer it wasn't the regular bride and groom on the top it was Louis in his striped shirt and red pants I was on his back as I was wearing my "I love One Direction!" Shirt from the concert where we met I was leaning back so you could see my shirt and had my arms up cheering I smiled at the cake and let a tear if happiness fall down my cheek. Louis ut his arm around my waist as we were being filmed we got given the knife and I put my hand on top of Louis and we cut the cake flashes from cameras if family members and friends went off the boys were in the front of the crowed cheering for us when Niall and Zayn were signaling at me I look over and Zayn acted like he took a piece of cake and smushed it on Niall's face I smiled at their ideas I picked up a piece of cake and smushed it against Louis' face more cameras went off Harry started to laugh and point at Louis and then louis took a piece and whipped it at Harry it going all over his face crumbs landing in his curls he stopped laughing
"I guess I deserved that." he says Louis leaned down and kissed me getting cake on my face that's when he took a piece and did it to me causing more flashes me smiled and laughed at each other and kissed making people Aww and laugh the pieces of cakes were handed out and we all sat down at the tables it was only Me, Louis and the boys and Danielle and Perrie Harry and Niall's dates sat with us too. Danielle was in my right and Louis was in my left we had washed our faces off
"You have a little bit of cake still on your face" I said
"Where?" He asked looking at my I wiped my finger in the whip cream in my cake and put it on the tip of his nose I giggled and he smiled and kissed me
"I love you" he says
"I love you too" I said
I saw Niall walking across the floor with a plate of cupcakes walking towards us they had white icing with the date of the concert I went to and the date Louis proposed in solid sugar pieces on top he set down the plate
"Aww Niall you brought us all cupcakes?" Demi says
We all look at Niall and then Demi and then burst out in laughter Demi laughs too catching up with the joke.
Niall just shrugs and starts on his first cupcake of the night.
We eat our cake and then we head out for pictures Lou attaches the rest of my dress (The part from the ceremony and the first dance as Mr. And Mrs. Tomlinson) we walk out onto the open area and take one group photo of everyone me and Louis in the middle.

We took lots of pictures that day the photographers gave us a big album as a wedding gift that had
"The Tomlinson Wedding 2013" and then below that it said
"The Marriage Between Louis Tomlinson & Evelyn Gregory" I hugged them as we all headed home me and louis thanking everyone as they left.
I was now legally Mrs. Tomlinson
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