Louis and Evelyn have a true love story he saw her at a One Direction concert and couldn't help but fall for her right there on the spot. Their love story became famous and known from England to the states.
When Louis and Evelyn got married Louis 21 Evelyn 20, There marriage was after Liam and Danielle's well Liam and Danielle had been working with MTV on a show called "Newlyweds Liam & Danielle" they had finished their 3 seasons but it ended with a bang as Louis proposed to Evelyn.
Louis and Evelyn were offered the sow and they took it. Follow Louis and Evelyn on their journey through the life of Newlyweds.


3. New Home

-Evelyn's POV-

I was sitting in our new master bedroom of the huge house me and Louis just bought. Louis came in with another box and Harry followed with another, Harry was going to live with us for a little while I thought it would be fun when Louis suggested it. There was a camera man with me and as I was un packing I was talking to him I found one of the first pictures me and Louis took together it was with a couple friends I showed it to the camera pointing me and Louis out laughing at the faces we were making. Louis had music playing through the house and he came in and dropped another bag
"Louis look" I said he leaned in catching his breath
"Is that us?" He asked
"No it's just a random picture of strangers I thought about framing" I said the camera man chuckled
"You like that one?" I asked him he nodded
"Well do you want some help?" He asked
"Yes please" I said in a cute voice he smiled and pecked my lips Harry came in not saying a word he just sat down and started chugging his water until it was empty.
"Jeez what are you a camel?" Louis asked I giggled
"Shush, look what I just did for you" Harry says
"Yeah yeah, we still got more to do Styles don't rest" he says slapping Harry's back
"Really?" Harry whined
"Chin up Haz" I said squeezing one of his cheeks and getting up taking a box that said
"Louis Clothes" onto the closet I opened it and just saw a bunch of toms randomly thrown in the box I picked up two separate ones and take the, out one in each hand
"Do you even know whee the matches are?" I asked him
"I'll find them in the other boxes" he says
"Louis! I told you to pack responsibly" I said half smiling
"Sorry ill find the matches you can start your clothes" he says kissing my cheek taking the to,s from my hands I sighed nd picked up one of my boxes and went into the closets the camera man following us this was something to get used too. I was on my side hanging up my clothes while Louis sorted out his toms on his shoe rack of the huge closet I hear him walk towards me he put his arms around me kissing my shoulder
"I'm sorry I should have packed better" he whispers I smile
"You don't have to apologize boo I'm fine with the way you packed plus you have to much toms to pair them all up" I said he smiled
"I love you" he said
"Love you too" I said he returned to his toms I returned o hanging up my clothes
"I'm going to go un pack my room" Harry says poking his head in I guess we were pretty boring o the camera man ok lower Harry. We waited till the footsteps got distant and then Louis turned and quickly walked towards me putting his hands on my waist I out my on the sides of his neck as he tilted his head to the side and kissed me. I moved my hands to his jawline as he deepened the kiss resting his hands on the small of my back pulling me in agains him our stomachs touching. I love how we could still feel this passionate about each other even after about 2 years being together all the time. His lips always tasted like strawberries to me, but he was always so sweet and full of lust when he kissed me like this we heard footsteps coming so he pulled away and acted like he was helping me with my clothes he picked up my striped tube top I usually wore with leggings or jeans or even going to the beach.
"My favorite" he said
"You always say everyone's your favorite" I said taking it from him
"Anythings my favorite as long as you've worn it" he says the camera men caught that. I blushed like mad and Louis hugged me and continued to help me.


One Week Later,

-Evelyn's POV-

It was laundry day, since our house was similar to Jessica and Nick's house from their show I decided to do the same thing make Louis throw all the laundry down into the foyer he threw the clothes over and I sorted them into hampers. I was grabbing his red pants when he dropped a pile on my back I could hear his snickers from up the stairs
"Laugh it up Lou" I said
"Come on love!" He yelled it echoed off the walls I giggled and shook my head. After I sorted all of the laundry I got Louis to help me take it all down. He then left me to put it all in the washing machine. We had two of each. So I filled both washers.

-Louis' POV-

I went up and found Harry in the kitchen the camera man following me I saw him eating a sandwich I walked over and opened the fridge and got some carrots out and started to munch on those while Harry was finishing his sandwich he finished and got up and started to walk out of the room
"Um hello!" I call after him but he doesn't come back I sigh and walk over and grab his plate and put it in the dish washer
"Kids" I mutter to the camera.
"What's up?" Evelyn asks poking her head in
"Just finished cleaning up after Harry" I said
"It's so empty here..." She whines
"Yeah..." I said
"We should get a dog" she said
"We should!" I yelled snapping my fingers and pointing at her
"What kind?" She asked
"Hold on" I said and I walked over to the table and grabbed my Mac Book Pro I opened it up and opened up google
"We should rescue one" I said
"Like what?" She asked sitting in the barstool Harry was just sitting in across from me
"Like a pound" I said
"I see" she said and then smiled
"Sounds good, lets do that" she said I googled
"Adopt a dog" I few links popped up I clicked on one I read it over leaning in the camera man at the end of the counter capturing the left side of me and Evelyn. She dragged the bag of carrots over and started to eat them I read it over more the title: Grey Hound Rescue Adoption I read it over all the Grey Hounds were under the age of 3 I smiled there was some pictures I spun the computer around to show Evelyn she looked them over smiling
"Aren't Grey Hounds like those huge dogs though?" She asks
"Um no that's Great Danes Babe" I said curving my lips together and nodding she looked up at me I winked and slowly turned the computer back to myself she smiled and bit into a carrot
"We should get one though they are so cute" I said
"Yeah they are but do we have time for them?" She asked
"Your a stay at home wife you have time" I said taking a mini carrot and biting into it
"True, when are we going?" She asked
"Woah don't be so urgent" I said smiling she giggled
"Your so mean" she said throwing a carrot at me
"Don't waste my carrots" I said she smiled
"It's not wasted" she said taking it and eating it
"Hold on a second" I said I turned my head
"Harry!" I called a waited a few seconds and then I heard him call back
"Can you come down here for a second?!" I call up I had footsteps and Harry walks into the room with his chestnut brown cat named Nutella he had got since he had to leave Dusty in Cheshire.
"So me and Evelyn have been talking" I said Harry adjusted Nutella in his arms so he was cradling him
"Your not already kicking me out right?" Harry asked
"No of course not, we were thinking about getting a dog" I said
"Awesome, what kind?" He asked
"Aren't you forgetting about the animal in your arms?" I asked he looked down at Nutella but continued to scratch his belly
"He's fine with dogs just find one thats good with cats and we will be fine" he said smiling
"Aww such a sweet boy" Evelyn said grabbing his face and kissing his cheek.
"So when are we going?" He asks
"You wanna come?" I asked
"Yeah, unless you guys don't want me too" he says
"No it will be fun I'll make a private appointment for tomorrow ok?" I said they nodded
"Ok, this will be fun" I repeated.
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