Louis and Evelyn have a true love story he saw her at a One Direction concert and couldn't help but fall for her right there on the spot. Their love story became famous and known from England to the states.
When Louis and Evelyn got married Louis 21 Evelyn 20, There marriage was after Liam and Danielle's well Liam and Danielle had been working with MTV on a show called "Newlyweds Liam & Danielle" they had finished their 3 seasons but it ended with a bang as Louis proposed to Evelyn.
Louis and Evelyn were offered the sow and they took it. Follow Louis and Evelyn on their journey through the life of Newlyweds.


1. The Wedding/ First Episode Part 1

-Evelyn's POV-

I stood infront of the body mirror as my Mum did my hair today I was marrying the love of my life, Louis Tomlinson. I looked at my dress pearl white with a lace lair my make up and now hair done I get my vail put on my head I look over at one of the camera men. Oh yeah did I mention? Me and Louis got offered a show with MTV We took it and that meant our wedding was going to be televised the first episode was being filmed todsy. but there was something about me and Louis' relationship everyone knew about us. We've been on Ellen we've been on Alan Carr and now it led us to this. My Dad came into the room
"Ready?" He asked
"As I'll ever be" I said he smiled and offered me his arm

-Louis' POV-

I was standing at the end of the isle, Harry my best man was pepping me I felt so nervous and with the cameras around it was difficult until the music started to play letting me know my bride was coming. I looked up and saw Evelyn. She looked into my eyes and she looked amazing her dress was perfect, but not as perfect as her.
Harry elbowed me and I could feel the smile on his face and my other 3 best friends in the line beside him. I heard Niall's voice
"Good luck Louis" he whispered I smiled and caught Evelyn's eyes and felt as if I could face anything the world threw at me. She was my girl.

-Evelyn's POV-

I reached Louis and stepped up. We faced each other he looked at me his eyes ocean blue, we grabbed each others hands and held me inbetween us
"I love you" he mouthes to me I smile
"I love you too" I mouthed
The priest talked and all I could do was look into Louis' eyes and smile. The ring bearer comes out my little brother about 6 years old he gives us the rings and Louis high fives him and I kneel down and hug my brother, Evan is his name I kiss his cheek and stand up Louis slips the ring onto my phone
"I Louis Tomlinson" the priest says
"I Louis Tomlinson" Louis says
"Take you Evelyn Gregory" he says
"Take you Evelyn Gregory" Louis says
"To be my wife"
"To be my wife" Louis says
"Troy sickness and in health" Louis says not needing the priest anymore
"Till death do us part" I finished and slipped his ring on his finger
"Do you Louis Tomlinson take Evelyn Gregory to be your wife?" The priest asks
"I do" Louis says
"Do you Evelyn Gregory take Louis Tomlinson to be your Husband?" He asks me
"I do" I said the priest smiled
"You may kiss the bride" he says Louis smiles and leans in and kisses me gently my insides explode Louis leans away and laces his fingers with mine as we walk down the isle I hide my face in the crook of Louis' neck blushing as the cameras capture us leaving.
Me and Louis head to the next venue to have the party. We all arrive and we sit at the table my maid of honer Maddie and Harry on Louis' side along with the other boys my brides maids are there too.
The party goes on and then it's time for our first dance as Mr. And Mrs. Tomlinson I walk out my hand on Louis' arm Louis smiles and kisses my forehead as we start to dance
"Give Me Love" By Ed Sheeran Harry's friend starts to play, no wait Ed is here performing it to us I smiles and rest my head on Louis' chest he kisses my hair and rests his cheek on my head I close my eyes as we dance
"Give me love" Louis sings sofly I smiles
"It's been a while but I still feel the same" he sings softly. Camera flashes from our family members make it amazing I put my head up Louis rests his forehead on mine camera flashes again.
Ed finishes off the song and everyone claps Ed puts the microphone in the stand and I walk over with Louis I hug him tight
"Thank you Ed" I said I pecked his cheek
"Anything four you and Louis' special day." He says I smiles once more.
"Ev!" I hear a familiar voice behind me
"Lottie!" I say she runs up and hugs me I hug her back Fizzy and the twins join us in the hug we let each other go and I hug Johanna, my mother in law.
The boys and Danielle and Perrie come over they hug me and Louis and smile at us everyone floods onto the dance floor dancing. Harry and Niall introduce me to their dates
"Evelyn this is Demi, Demi this is Evelyn" he says I'm faced with THE Demi Lovato I keep in my fan girl side and hug her
"Nice to meet you Evelyn congratulations" Demi says I smile
"Thank you and it's nice meeting you too" I said I feel Louis' arm around my waist and I feel protected
"And Evelyn this is Anna, Anna this is Evelyn" Harry says introducing me to a pretty girl with spiral jet black curls and beautiful brown eyes and a button nose.
"Nice to meet you Anna I hope you've had a chance to meet everyone" I said trying to be as welcoming as I could. Danielle hugged me tight and wished me a happy wedding and marriage, I hope mines as good as her and Liam's the story behind all of this is the show me and Louis got has belonged to Danielle and Liam for the past 2 years as they've done 3 seasons. Then me and Louis got the offer and took it.
Perrie hugs me tight and smiles
"Hope you and Louis have a good marriage" she says I
"thank you" I said
"Thank you Perrie" Louis says pecking her cheek I smiled it seems like I couldn't stop smiling the boys dragged their dates out on the dance floor with every one else Lou (Teasdale) came up to me
"Want me to change your dress?" She asked I nodded and she took off the bottom part so now it went up to my knees and was the same white with lace. But my white lace heels were now visible I Louis took off his tux jacket and walked with me over to a table where we poored glasses of champaign and looked at the crowed if our closest friends and family a camera man came over we contiuned with our conversation acting like they weren't there. We walked to the dance floor were standing when Louis suddenly put his arm around my waist and pulled me close to him
"What the hell is she doing here?" He says
"Who?" I asked
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