Another year, another step

This poem is about how it is now 2013 and now we are entering a whole different year full of unexpected twists and turns. We are one step closer to death, one step closer to finding ourselves and one step closer to edging closer to what life means to us. This poem is to express my thoughts and it would be greatly appreciated if you told me what you think. This poem is set in a way that many poems are not structured as. I structured the poem with quirky ways of displaced sentences to express to you guys what a calamity this subject and hence form of writing is. It said in the competition entry to try anything just make it a poem, hence I have chosen to go out of my comfort zone in writing so that I may bring this message more devotedly to you readers. Many thanks, Takuya Honda.


1. One step closer

Nothing seems more different then a second ago it seems,

it is 12:00am where im standing and it is now a brand new year.

What have I achieved this year? did I grasp any goals that I set,

or was this the same old year which I will now look at with regret.

My hands and soul are covered with immoral filth and dirt,

of the world embracing a new year which beckons for bad things to come.

Birth rates will rise higher, world hunger shall increase, the rich shall thirst for more plunder as the poor shall wither and decease.

The world goes at stand still at the end of every year, as we all cheer and blast away our past memories with booze and music.

Presuming life to get better and that things will change, is nothing for us to feel except the long to find what is real. We search through every year striving cruelly as we sprawl in desperate delight, like locust cast on the crops of hard deserving fieldsmen. God has blessed us fully yet we long for more then the earth can sustain us. Yes we all set plans towards this year as if somehow one day at the end of every year will set us straight, but is this not one of Satan's works in fooling us with greed and gluttony.

A new year, a new day, a new life.

Every new years we celebrate is either celebrated with the people we love, doing the things w love and indulging our minds in distraction to which we are subconsciously preparing ourselves for the year to come.

Through years we pass like wind through trees,

which shifts branches sharply by the cold and cool breeze.

No air and no sounds lets passengers receive ,

the way that the wind will carry us onwards.

Like falling leaves we are born from the ground up,

maturing in the seasons of time before we fall into the depths of the unknown,

we once breathed and shared the same air as others,

but now we lie on the ground being trampled underneath.

Another year has passed and a new breeze has arose,

prepare yourselves and carry on in the make shift of out daily lives.

2013 I welcome you with a fist and a gentle hand,

the hand to welcome the new years,

and a fist to guard off the past.



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