Distance of the heart *in-complete*

A young sixteen girl named Jaden has had her fair share of loss, heart break and issues throughout her life, but what will she do when she finds the perfect boyfriend for herself online?
What will her parents think and how will she meet this man of her heart?
Will this guy be her everything or will he break her very heart which sets her on an emotional journey?


2. Chapter 1

I had never had to endure the fearfulness of this cruel world we lived as I was only seventeen. I had never had to deal with the defeat of losing something like a child or a really big promotion but there was things I did lose and one of those things were love. I had been out with many males who toiled and ripped my heart out of my chest. I hadn’t found that one true love that I would die for or rather be with this one person I truly loved for the rest of my life.  My parents always told me one thing, which was that “for me to succeed I need to have my head high up, to be able to see the stars shiny my name across the sky, in hope I may find a light to be the best I may be”. This always motivated me until they both died in a tragic accident. My beloved mother and father were out for the night just strolling arm in arm when a two men caught them down the road to their favourite spot by the lagoon. I had been there once or twice but only when I was a toddler who had just managed to crawl. They were caught off guard by these two men. Two men who wanted their money or anything precious but the most precious thing to my two loving parents was their only daughter…me. I had never truly understood why they had to kill my parents but they did. They killed my parents out of hatred. This is how I seen it but maybe my opinion just didn’t matter to anyone on this god damned earth. These two men took me at a fairly young age.

I was probably one year’s old when they took me. They beat me up and left me in the street to die. Luckily this young couple found me and immediately with the kindness of the heart took me to the hospital to be treated for the deep, sorrowful wounds. These men were found and put into jail but my parents were gone for good. My first scar was deep in my heart and I knew I would have a part of me that bared hatred but not enough to drive me insane and not love or treat anyone with the disrespect they do. I was better than that. I wasn’t perfect like people wanted me to be but I was perfect enough to be able to survive the best I could. The couple who had saved me that night were now my adopted parents. They cared for me as though I was their own flesh and blood. I was truly grateful and ever to their debt for the day they saved me from the hands of death.  I know was starting one of the biggest days of my life or rather events for my high school life. The day where I started my grade eleven courses. The day where I would have to work my butt off to be able to succeed in this insane world but this didn’t matter to me as much as it should have. My parents sat in the front row as I went up and collected my grade ten certificate.

I had done it. I had passed that year and all the other years but what was to come would be the most painful years of my schooling life.  My heart was racing in my chest as I received my award. The tears finally streamed down my face which smudged my eye make-up horribly. I only wore make-up on small occasions as this I usually went natural. I could hear my parents cheering and clapping away as the tears silently fell down their young faces. I loved my parents and I knew they would support me well during the hardest two years of my life to come. When I took my seat, the principle addressed the assembly. He was an old man. The wrinkles around his bluish-grey eyes stood out and his grey hairs were slowly coming into place on his head.

He explained to us all how the next two years would change our very lives, but all I seen was the hatred in this man’s eyes. The principle had something against his students or children in general. Everyone thought it was because of his wife’s passing but I knew something had happened that cause certain situations to become more complicated and over-whelming to him. I understood the misery that took place in something like his situation or whatever it may have been but what I didn’t clearly understand was why he became someone who got involved with children when he clearly didn’t like us?

I sat there fumbling around with my certificate. I felt bored and tired from exhaustion of the excitement. I causally looked around at my peers and saw many couples who dearly love each other. Some couples would last a long time, other would crumble and not go on that far but this was life and life sucked sometimes. It had been roughly five weeks since my break-up with Christopher. It seemed longer but my heart had mended itself slowly. I knew that I wouldn’t love again…well at least not for a while. Finally with the last words that seemed to drag on forever, the principle had finished his speech and we could all go home now. I was staying at a friend’s place tonight to celebrate with her. I had celebrated with my parents the night before. I had even been allowed to have one glass of champagne which tasted pretty nice in my opinion. I stood up and waited behind the other students before piling out of crowded hall. My parents were standing there waiting to say their goodbyes for the night. My mother pulled me into a hug and I could feel her face wet and stained of tears of joy that had fallen from her dark brown eyes. My father kissed my head and nodded in my friend’s direction. August was busy on her phone, probably checking out her facebook. I nodded and grabbed my school bag from my father’s hands and rushed off to August’s side before we went off to her car. Her car was silver and had a slight dint in the bumper. Some idiot of a teenager threw a rock and made that mark. This world we lived in, with children who destroyed things and even killed people. Some of the stuff that influenced those behaviours were Television or even from their parent’s actions. Luckily I hadn’t met or bumped into anyone too horrible, except for a group of students in my year.

They were rebellious teens who thought damaging the society was fun but in reality it made everything so much worse than it already is. “Jaden, earth to Jaden” August said waving a head in my face. I blinked back to reality and stared at my friend, waiting for what she wanted to say. She smiled at me and then screamed, which although wasn’t actually true but it seemed she was trying to make me deaf or something. “Yeah what’s up August?  Is there something you were dying to say?” I said grinning. August stared at me for a few minutes then finally spoke slowly. “What did you wanna do at my place?”.

I shrugged and stared boredly out the window. I wasn’t in a partying mood at the moment. I was feeling rather upset actually. I missed my real parents and wished they could see me receive that award. People believed in god but I really didn’t believe in that…or rather I did partially. I didn’t realize this but I had dozed off to sleep. I was awoken by August shaking my shoulders. I fluttered my eyes open and stared into her pale face. She had beautiful green eyes that were always sparkling.  I felt a pinch of jealousy for her sometimes. I shrugged her pale hands off my shoulder s and followed her out from the car and up to her front door. I stood there yawning and looking around boredly at the world before me. I could see a small kid being picked on by some older kids and a homeless man sitting in the street with a cup and a sign saying help the poor. I stared at this man and could see the loneliness in his grey eyes. I almost felt pity for him. Suddenly I had an urge to go give him some money but I was already being dragged into August’s front door and half way up her furnished stairs. When we reached her room, August suddenly became shy. I looked at her as I remembered this was the first time I had seen her house or even her room. I mean she was crazy about some of the latest bands such as One Direction, or even Justin Bieber but I was the complete opposite when it came to music. I was much rather into bands like My Chemical Romance or Black veil Brides. Both these bands mentioned a lot about today society and that’s one of the reasons why I loved them.

So I wasn’t too surprised when I see the posters plastered on her walls. They were covered in posters. I could only see tiny patches of wall, which was a creamy blue colour. I looked around the rest of her room and noticed that it was just as crazy as her walls. The bands she was obsessed with were also on her cupboards and dressing tables etc. I felt like an outcast compared to her room. August was very different from me. She had long, curly blonde hair, green eyes and pale-olive skin. She dressed in laces, dresses that were above her knees and most of the colours she wore were likes pinks, purples, greens and blues. She never wore anything darker then blue. Anything darker she would throw out or give it to me if I liked it. At the moment August wore a denim blue skirt with a pink laced top that showed a lot of cleavage as well as soft pink ballet flats, whereas for me I was in a band tee, black and white tie dyed jeans and black converses.  My hair covers my eyes and it makes me look like the stupid stereotype emo or goth. But I never took the labels because it was just a way for people to basically place humans into categories. I wasn’t one of those people. We were who we were nothing else.

“So Jaden, what do you wanna get up to?” August said flipping her blonde hair. I looked at her than thought that maybe we could listen to music and draw. “I was thinking some music or a good movie?” I said putting my fingers to my mouth. She stared at me then laughed. “Sure a movie would be fun” August said with a tone of enthusiasm to her voice. I smiled and dumbly walked to the bed and laid down on it. I kicked my shoes off hoping they would land on the ground below me. They did thankfully when I heard two thuds on the ground. August left her room to go pick out a movie we both enjoyed. I sat there and looked at my nails. I had nail polish on. Black and red but the nails polish had chipped and faded in some areas. I continued to be interested in my nails until August came back but I gave up. I began to look around her room at her freaky looking posters. Finally August came back with a movie in her hands. She grinned as she threw the DVD onto the bed beside me. I rolled over and picked the DVD up in my pale hands and read the title. It was one of my favourite movies. It was called the “The Crow”. The actor in this movie was so hot and I was glad August had chosen this movie.  August shrieked and grabbed the movie from my hands and put it into the DVD player.

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