Distance of the heart *in-complete*

A young sixteen girl named Jaden has had her fair share of loss, heart break and issues throughout her life, but what will she do when she finds the perfect boyfriend for herself online?
What will her parents think and how will she meet this man of her heart?
Will this guy be her everything or will he break her very heart which sets her on an emotional journey?


1. Prologue

What the heart wants is what the heart must have. If it wanted the love of a caring man then that’s what the heart desires and must have. If the heart utterly craves the feeling of a man who touches them right then that must be given too, but if the heart seemed to be as black as the coal on a burnt out fire, then they could only truly desire one thing, which was hatred. Hatred, that one thing not even I truly understood. Not even the burning gates of hell could be compared with hatred that people could have in their very hearts. Not even god could put out this hatred from them and if they had blackened hearts, then their souls must truly be the same. Their very inner core would be dead and nothing could brighten them. Not even the sweet scented moments of a spring’s day. There were always one out of ten people who had blackened hearts and every day they would go out and try to get on with their days ahead of them. Maybe if we truly understood what made people burn with such hatred then maybe we could save them from themselves, but that here was impossible. This world we lived in was full of racism, wars and people who only cared about themselves as well as the people that really matter. There was no more peace, not even the respected monks could meditate peacefully without the troublesome fears of war or the thought of someone being murdered in the street as they strode with their friends, or their partners they dearly loved.

A person or people were always making good and bad changes, but was this right for the world or had we started the one thing that would kill us all?

Everyday somebody died, or somebody would make a step closer to destroying us all. The fears grew stronger and the death toll rose by millions each day. Every now and then people would be famous icons or would have huge success in this typically shaped world, but did that really matter or was this just how people seen our dying world?

Many people see this world as easy but in reality the world was a hard, cruel place to live and people wondered why they struggled in the midst of a this troubled world but out of all this epidemically screwed world there were people who succeeded in their hearts without feeling too troubled and these people usually had more faith and guidance then the rest of us, cruel hearted people. Somewhere out there two people created life not knowing of the world that their beautiful child would grow up in. Not knowing the problems that could come ahead out of all this devastating disaster.




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