Every day for a Year

This is a story of two people, a story of loss, a story of hurt, a story of happiness but most importantly a story of love. When Emily a young woman who had grown up in Melbourne Aus all her life met Zayn she knew that she loved him. The two face many struggles and sadness but in the end they realise that no matter what, true love concurs all.


2. Voice Inside my Head



He pulled me into another hug but this time he held me for longer, I felt so safe and content in his arms. The essence of his cologne leaving me with the warm comforted feeling it always left. He smelt of leather with the mix of his cologne that was woodsy and fresh, with the right balance of muskiness to it without being over powering. He smelt lightly of cigarette smoke but it wasn’t disgusting like on a normal person, it was just a slight hint and with a mixture of mint on his breath it made me a little weak at the knees, although I’d never tell him. He wrapped his arm tightly around my shoulders and upper back, bringing my head into his chest, resting it just bellow his chin. The sound of his rhythmic heartbeat steadily beating under my ear relaxed me. Zayn leaned his head down and gently pressed his lips to the top of my head and he softly inhaled my scent, “I’m going to miss you baby girl” (I loved when he called me that),he mumbled against my forehead and pressed his soft, plump, beautiful, pale pink lips to my skin gently once more. “Not as much as I’m gonna miss you Z” I whispered back fighting back the tears as he pulled away.

 He looked at my eyes noticing them starting to water, “hey, don’t cry, I’m going to be back before you know it”. “It’s only going to be two years it will fly, and you know you can come and visit me and I can fly back here” he cooed sweetly. “I know I’m just missing you already” I murmured “I know babes me too”. Zayn said trying to force a smile while rubbing my shoulders, attempting to comfort me and it worked. He was going to back to London for college, it made sense he would be missing his family, which were all over and I understood, but I was staying here in Melbourne and he wasn’t. Australia and England were so far apart, it was hard to imagine being away from him for two whole years. The truth is I love Zayn as more than just a friend, I’m in love with him I have been ever since the day he saved me. He was the best thing that ever happened to me. But I could never tell him he would never feel the same way, he just saw me as a friend, like a sister. He was much to perfect for someone like me. He was gorgeous, funny and smart but not in a nerdy way, he was athletic, strong, he was amazing with music and had the voice of an angle, he was popular and he could get any girl that he wanted, why would he ever pick me, I thought still gazing into his enchanting eyes.  


*Emily’s Thought’s* 

You were the exact opposite of him. You weren’t very pretty, even though he always told you otherwise but he only said it to be nice you were positive that it couldn’t be true. You were not funny at all, you were smart but in a very nerdy way, everyone in your school knew you as the bookworm. You were the most uncoordinated person you knew, if there was any chance of accident or injury you would find it, but Zayn was usually there to save you from it though, but when he wasn’t the inevitable wasn’t pretty.  When you were away on holidays with your family you managed to fall down two flights of stairs and break your wrist, arm, left ankle and leg and you cracked 4 of your ribs. You were defiantly not strong you struggled with most heavy to medium weighted items and you had the grip strength of a two year old. Music was defiantly not your thing either, your short plump little fingers couldn’t even reach the top strings on a guitar, you were an average singer, nothing compared to Zayn. You were clearly not popular either, but Zayn always tried to make you feel included, he even let you sit with all his friends at lunch if you wanted to, but most of the time you would sit with your other friends Alana, Katie, lexis, belle, Justine and Kala. The popular girls that sat with Zayn despised you and constantly made snarky remarks about you, they were jealous of your relationship with Zayn. He always defended you though. He was always very protective over you and never allowed anyone to be nasty to you. He even got into a huge fight with one of his close guy friends over you and almost got expelled from school. If anything he was overprotective, you would always say that you were quite capable of taking care of yourself but always said he knew that, but that you shouldn’t have to.

What were you going to do without him?

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