Every day for a Year

This is a story of two people, a story of loss, a story of hurt, a story of happiness but most importantly a story of love. When Emily a young woman who had grown up in Melbourne Aus all her life met Zayn she knew that she loved him. The two face many struggles and sadness but in the end they realise that no matter what, true love concurs all.


1. Flashbacks of Friendship


*Hahahaha* the sounds of the laughter filled the cafeteria of her high school by ecstatic seniors as Emily strolled through the doors. “Vas Happenin Emily”! “You ready Em? Last day of high school, in officially five hours we are free”. Her best friend Zayn beamed loudly. She smiled widely at him and they hugged each other tightly still chuckling. “I can’t believe it, we are actually almost across the line” Emily murmured against his chest. “You know what else today is babe”? Zayn questioned with an eyebrow raised as he pulled away so he could face Emily. “Of course I know what today is, it’s the anniversary of the day we became befriends” Emily beamed with a huge smile spread across her face. “I remember it like it was yesterday” she stated.


*flashback* five years earlier

“Will you please just leave me alone Jake, it’s over and that’s it”. Emily shrieked as tears streamed down her face as she raced down the empty corridors of her school, away from her now ex boyfriend. She retreated to the girl’s locker room still weeping, resting her head on a wall before slumping down to the floor almost howling now. She sat for some time until her eyes began to hurt from the tears, she took a deep breath with her tears starting to slow, *thud* “hello is someone there”, *crash* “babe, look I’m sorry” Jake stuttered as he strolled into the room with his hands in his pockets. “Get out of here Jake” Emily yelled. “C’mon Em don’t be like this” he said in a seductive tone whilst stalking closer to her. Before Emily could stand up and walk away, Jake pulled her up by her hair and smashed his lips into hers slamming her back into the lockers hard. Emily whimpered in pain as Jake pulled away looking her deep in the eyes, his cloudy blue ones darkened with lust and anger. “Stop!”


“Jake I told you that I wasn’t ready for this” she pleaded. Jake was a few years older than Emily was, she was fourteen and he was seventeen, the age difference had never been a problem with their relationship, until last night when Jake tried to rush her into having sex with him. Emily was definitely not ready for that nor was she legal and that’s what she told him. Instead of being the sweet amazing boyfriend he usually was to her, he became enraged with anger and violence. Before walking out of Emily’s house he hurled a photo frame across the room barely missing Emily’s head, before leaving her there frightened with tears piercing her eyes, that’s the reason she broke up with him in the first place. Now he was again pressuring her.......


“Jake please” Emily pleaded again with pain seaming her voice. Jake ignored her and preceded unbuttoning her shirt and sucking roughly on her neck. “Don’t you dare scream” Jake whispered darkly into Emily’s ear. She shivered under his touch as he ran his index finger from her neck down to her cleavage. He started to rub her roughly under skirt and underwear, moving his hand away from her mouth allowing her the opportunity to scream for help. “HELP”! “Please somebod.....” Emily attempted scream. “I said don’t scream” Jake snarled while covering her mouth again not letting her finish her sentence. Emily bit down on his finger as hard as she could, causing Jake to release his grip on her and to yell out in pain.


“You bitch”, Jake roared raising his hand ready to hit her, before he was interrupted by somebody tackling him from the side knocking him off his feet. The boy that had just saved Emily was now on top of Jake punching him with force, Emily was so scared she was unable to move, she stood there in awe, shacking with tears streaming down her face. Eventually Jake ceased trying to fight back knowing he had no chance and the boy who had saved Emily stood up from the ground and walked towards her, “are you okay love”? He said his voice deep and husky, but very sincere, he had a British accent that sent chills down her spine. She was unable to speak dazzled by his appearance. He had beautiful, infectious, hazel, brown eyes, his hair was short and dark brown almost black it was styled messily with gel but it still looked really hot. He was wearing her school uniform but she didn’t recognise him, he wasn’t wearing a blazer he just had his white button up shirt that had the first four buttons undone, he was wearing his tie which was tied loosely around his neck and not pulled all the way up.  “Is HE the reason you won’t be with me”? Jake groaned in pain with a hint of amusement in his voice looking at the other boy. “Just leave me alone Jake” Emily said seriously, Jake got to his feet and began to move towards her again before he could touch her the boy with the beautiful hazel eyes that saved her pushed him back lightly, “mate she told you to leave her alone, I think maybe you should listen to her” the boy said, his voice even deeper than before, he was much taller than her and Jake even though Jake wasn’t much taller than she was. He wasn’t bulky but he was still muscular, his white button up school shirt rolled up at the sleaves to his elbow, revealing that he had a few tattoos on his sculpted, tanned arms. He had broad shoulders but he was still quite thin. As the boy spoke he gave Jake a ferocious stare, Jake’s smirk on his lips disappeared and he walked out looking a little bit intimidated and threatened by the boy. The boy continued to stare at Jake monitoring his movements until he was out the door, he then turned back to face Emily.

“Are you alright Emily”? he asked with concern on his face, “h...how did you know my n....name”, Emily stuttered, flustered by the very good-looking guy standing in front of her, who had just saved her and beat the crap out of her asshole of an ex, (which was very sexy by the way when he punched Jake). “I asked around” he replied  simply, “I’m new here and I’ve seen you around, I heard the screaming and I came to see what was going on, when I saw what the cunt was going to do to you” he growled getting angry again. He saw her shacking and put an arm around her bringing her closer to him. “I’m Zayn by the way” he said in a soothing voice whist stroking her hair. She had only just met this boy but she felt so safe and calm in his strong arms. It was like she’d known him for years.


*flash* back over

“Em? Hellooo, you still with me”? Zayn waved his hand in her face while trying to get her attention. “what... sorry yeah” Emily stammered. “whatcha thinking about Em”? “Oh just remembering” she relied to Zayn’s question as he looked at her at bit puzzled. “Remembering what”? “The day we met”. An enormous smile spread across Zayn’s face and Emily’s too, “best day of my life” Zayn murmured very softly so Emily didn’t hear, before pulling her into another tight embrace.   


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