Nobody Compares

When Addison Selley's family is killed in a car crash, she's forced to live with her new guardian until she turns eighteen- her cousin Harry Styles. Yes, that Harry Styles.
However, a distraction arises in the form of a blonde Irishman.
Right. There's just one foreseen problem. And that problem is Niall Horan.

*WARNING* coarse language, sexual scenes, violence. :)


18. well this sucks.

ok this is not a chapter people, first off. i haven't updated because my editor has a MASSIVE LIKE A MASSIVE PROBLEM. it happened with 'Delicate' as well- I copy paste from my word documents where I write my stories and try publish here, but it just comes out as one whole paragraph and it makes me die inside a little. i REALLY REALLY want to update but this issue is giving me massive pains, if anyone knows how to fix this, could you please let me know? xx love you guys, stay strong through this glitchy tech error :)
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