Nobody Compares

When Addison Selley's family is killed in a car crash, she's forced to live with her new guardian until she turns eighteen- her cousin Harry Styles. Yes, that Harry Styles.
However, a distraction arises in the form of a blonde Irishman.
Right. There's just one foreseen problem. And that problem is Niall Horan.

*WARNING* coarse language, sexual scenes, violence. :)


1. the joys of being hung over (and a skank)


   It's hard to say if that dull ache in my chest will ever go away. The accident that killed my entire family- my two brothers, my mother and my father. Probably not, but even thinking about that night made me cringe.
   I was seventeen.


   I couldn't even live by myself legally, so they put me with a temporary caregiver. That's right, a temporary caregiver.

   Not because it was still a year before I was considered an adult, but because my all so faithful cousin that I hadn't seen in a good five years took it upon himself to volunteer as my guardian.

   The thing is, I don't really want to live with Harry. Don't get me wrong, I love him and he's practically all the family I've got left. But for god's sake, he's Harry Styles. I'm pretty sure he couldn't take care of cactus if his life depended on it- and cactuses don't even have half the problems I do.

   Still, I had to live with a stranger who clearly wasn't being paid enough to look after a teenage girl, and wait three months until Harry could come and pick me up because of some soppy excuse about a worldwide tour he had to return from.

   Being part of the world's biggest boy band probably contributed to that in some way. I had never met any of his band mates, in fact I hadn't seen Harry ever since his big launch to fame.

   So with the three months left of limitless freedom I had left, I went crazy. I didn't go to school, much less graduate with the rest of my classmates.

   Most nights I spent roaming to good parties and clubbing in Manchester or Liverpool if I was feeling adventurous, usually catching a late night bus back to Holmes and sneaking back home, heels in my hand at some ungodly hour in the morning.

   I got into heavy drinking too. And the boys. Ah, the boys. Before, I'd never been into the sleeping around or even just boys in general. The very first time would always be the hardest, but after that it was just crazy wild parties and the guys every other night.

   It meant that I'd only get back home the next morning, sometimes even past midday. None of them didn't really seem to care who I was, who they were right then and there. And that was perfectly fine with me.

   There were so many, I don't think I could even count. I remember each of their faces though. The very first one had mousy brown hair and a nice smile. I was charmed by quite a few of them, including a few passing in town for the night.

   The best part of it was that I got plenty of free drinks, and anything free is easily better than anything I have to pay for.



   Tonight was no different. It was a fitting Saturday night, and I'd caught the usual bus into Manchester, gone out to the first club I saw. It was already smoky and everyone was buzzed from the alcohol. I had to sit for just a few minutes at the bar before another stranger sidled up to me and offered to buy me a drink.

   My memory was never very clear, but I remember his eyes were gorgeous and he had a cute accent too. There was a lot of laughing, and he must have been loaded to afford how many drinks he was dishing out the money for.

   Then I remember the sex. Next thing I knew, I was waking up in some fancy high-end looking hotel. He was lying next to me, and I squinted at him, refreshing my memory on who I actually slept with last night.

   Oh the joys of being hung over, and a skank.

   Now that I was almost sober, I could see him clearer. However, he had his blanket drawn to his chin so all I could spot were the tufts of soft blonde hair. I climbed out of bed quietly as possible so I wouldn't disturb him, got dressed and left.

   On the way out, I stole a muffin. 

   I did it to make up for my bus fare home, but mostly because I could.


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