Nobody Compares

When Addison Selley's family is killed in a car crash, she's forced to live with her new guardian until she turns eighteen- her cousin Harry Styles. Yes, that Harry Styles.
However, a distraction arises in the form of a blonde Irishman.
Right. There's just one foreseen problem. And that problem is Niall Horan.

*WARNING* coarse language, sexual scenes, violence. :)


5. right in the balls

"So you might be pretending to date Niall Horan because you guys went to funky town?" Sawyer asked. He was on loudspeaker on my phone as I got dressed into my pyjamas.

"Yep," I gritted out, hopping into my trackpants and pulled on my sweatshirt. I had possibly the most unattractive pyjamas on planet earth. I could hear him laughing through the phone. He could be such a massive prick sometimes.

"How was that by the way?" he asked as I grabbed a hair tie and started tugging my uncooperative hair into a high bun.

"How was what?" I asked irritably.

"Riding his-"

"Addie!" I lunged onto my bedside table as Harry opened my door and I fumbled with my phone, nearly hanging up on Sawyer but managing to switch it back to receiver. "Erm..."

"Sorry," I breathed, trying to blow my hair out of my eyes but instead getting a mouthful of it. I sat up, spluttering. "My phone- it was, um. Going to slip." I could hear Sawyer calling out my name through the phone. Douche could wait. Harry raised an eyebrow at me.

"Eh, anyway," he said, ruffling his messy hair with one hand, "The boys and I are gonna watch settle down for a movie." I glanced up distractedly, setting my phone down.


"No," he answered, coming into my room. "He doesn't want to talk to anybody."

"Should I go talk to him, then?" I asked pathetically, but Harry thankfully shook his head.

"He's in a mood," he sighed, "We've got an interview tomorrow, so we'll see him them. Just give him some space." He was a few doors down from me in his room, there wasn't much space that I could give him.

"Alright," I said with a shrug, trying to come off as nonchalant. "Then I think I'll join you guys in a while." Harry nodded and closed the door behind him. I held my phone to my ear.

"ADDISON?" I jumped, nearly smacking my head in to my bedside table.

"Jesus Christ, Sawyer," I scowled, holding the phone a clear distance from my ear.

"Who was that?"

"Harry," I explained, shuffling round my bed and kicking my clothes into an accumulative pile on the floor.

"Ah, the cousin," he said knowingly. "How is he by the way? I'd have liked to meet him, but you thought you could just come and go as you please? You didn't even say goodbye, bitch!"

"Please," I laughed bitterly, "Nobody noticed, am I right? Except you and that's because you just called cos you saw that I was in the papers and I'm now your claim to fame."

"You're such a whore," he groaned into the phone. "You didn't answer my question!"

"Forgot it," I lied, clearly trying to avoid it. "An-anyway, I'm gonna hang out with the guys."

"Addison Selley, you little whore," he reprimanded, "Tell me about the sex!"

"How am I supposed to remember?" I demanded, aghast. "I was so off my head I don't think I knew his name!"

"Well, you'd remember if it sucked right?"

"Good night Sawyer," I groaned, hanging up. BANG. I almost screamed but I sort of choked up and made a strangled noise of shock. Something was banging against my wall. Slowly, I got up and walked towards it cautiously. There was a deafening silence, before- BANG. I jumped, caught off guard again.

I pressed my ear to the wall cautiously, trying to listen for anything. I thought I might just make out a noise before there was another dull thud near my ear and I yelped, jerking back. Niall Horan was in the room next to mine. That was either the case, or there was a ghost living in the walls of the apartment.

I made a frustrated noise, stomping my foot on the ground which actually hurt quite a lot, grabbed my stuff and ran out of my room, admittedly a little scared.


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