Nobody Compares

When Addison Selley's family is killed in a car crash, she's forced to live with her new guardian until she turns eighteen- her cousin Harry Styles. Yes, that Harry Styles.
However, a distraction arises in the form of a blonde Irishman.
Right. There's just one foreseen problem. And that problem is Niall Horan.

*WARNING* coarse language, sexual scenes, violence. :)


7. fbf



"Where's Louis gone?" asked somebody irrelevant, poking their head out the door. They stared at me expectantly and I shrugged, my hands shoved in the pockets of my jeans. "Can somebody please find me Louis?"

"I don't work here!" I yelped angrily, sitting down in the middle of the carpeted hallway. I huffed, crossing my arms over my chest. The door opposite me opened and Harry popped out, with his jacket and bottle of water. He prodded me with his foot.

"Oi Addie, you ready to go?" I still hated that nickname.

"Someone's looking for Louis," I added as I got up, jabbing my finger in the general direction of the irrelevant person.

"Louis' around," shrugged Harry non chalantly. Seriously? Louis could be jumping off a cliff right this very second. "Anyway, they're just interviewing Niall and I."

"Yeah," I huffed, "Thanks for that. Again." I glared at him and he made an apologetic sounding grunt, as if that was sufficient.


"Whatever, Harry!" I barked, turning and storming off. Why were we related? If we weren't, I'd have such a good excuse to knock his teeth out. Then again, him being my cousin wouldn't exactly stop me either.

I strolled into the room and pulled up abruptly at the sight of Niall. The interviewer was already sitting across from him, so he had a wide grin on his face.

"Addie," he said in a convincingly bright voice, holding his arm out again. "Come here, babe."

It took every inch of restraint in my body not to shudder or to openly convulse. Babe. Please. Two could play that game. I pulled a winning smile and immediately slid down, pushing myself right up against him. I could see immediately by his expression that he was annoyed, angry and a little confused too. I crossed my legs over each other and titled them towards him, looping an arm around his waist while his arm was on my shoulders.

"Aren't you two sweet?" cooed the interviewer.

"Thanks," I smiled, just as the door to the hotel room opened and Harry strolled in. There was a celery stick dangling from his mouth and he stopped at the sight of us, cuddled right up on the sofa. His mouth hung open a bit, eyes bulging. Clearly, he was about as fine with this arrangement as I was. And clearly, Niall too.

I didn't want to imagine how many interviews they must have done; the same questions over and over again. This time was different though. They had a new toy to pick on- me. It was for some overseas television networking site, and they were in London for a while so they asked to interview One Direction. Somehow, instead of them coming the boys, we had to come to them. In their hotel room.

"So," sighed Harry, finally getting his act together and plopping down on the sofa next to this. "Let's do this, shall we?" A lot of swag for a guy who just spent a full minute staring at Niall and I as though we were unbelievable as the Tooth Fairy.

I could feel Niall fidgeting and I tightened my grip on his waist. I felt his fingers dig into my shoulder painfully, his nails into my flesh. He turned and looked right at me, our face barely inches away, and smiled wickedly. I could hit him so hard right now. Actually, there was a chair over there. Maybe if I could just-

"Alright!" interrupted Harry in a high-pitched voice, "Niall! Addie! We're being interviewed!" That was Harry talk for, "stop fucking around" or "if you two touch each other again I will actually throw up my lunch". I loosened my fingers off his waist, but as he turned his head away from me to look at the interviewer, his nails remained digging into my skin possessively.

The first few questions were of no use to me, so I sat there, wrapped around Niall like we were attached- the very thought of which still made me want to retch again. But I wasn't going to let him win. Not when he was being such a dickhead. Harry on the other hand, was slowly inching further and further away from us until he was practically pressed up against the other end of the sofa.

"So Addie, you're- you're Niall's girlfriend is that right?" asked the interviewer and I nodded while baring my teeth for all it was worth. "How long have you guys had to keep that one under the covers?"

"It was difficult," I said in an admittive tone, with a sigh worthy of drawing empathy. "Him being on tour and all meant that I didn't see him for weeks on end." I could feel him watching me with those beady blue eyes. Urgh, could he not? He was distracting at it was... "But now that the boys are home, it's fantastic we can openly be together." I almost winced at my own words as soon as they came out of my mouth. Not only were they a massive lie, but they'd get me plenty of hate as well.

"How have the fans reacted?" To be honest, I hadn't checked my twitter in the last twenty four hours. As soon as the hate started rolling in and I started gaining followers who were probably thirsting for my blood, I'd switched off my phone and refused to look at it.

"Not well," said Niall, fidgeting again. His fingers tightened and I wanted so badly to pull away. "I just really don't want them to be angry at Addison or I. I know there are some haters, but I hope the rest of the fans can see how much we enjoy being together." He turned to me and smiled charmingly. I had to blink to make myself remember. It was all lies. All lies.

"Well, that's adorable isn't it?" I heard Harry say, and suddenly I felt his arms wrap around my waist. He was hugging me from my other side, and attempting to drag me away from Niall. Well I had no problem with that whatsoever. I tried to let go of Niall, but he hung onto me with his damaging grip on my shoulders.

"You're not taking her away from me, Haz!" said Niall playfully, but it only gave a reason to dig his nails in further. I let a small yelp, and they cut the filming because obviously the three of us were unable to cooperate enough. They bustled out to go find the auditing crew, leaving us alone. Immediately, I jumped out their grip. Harry let go easily, but I had to repeatedly swat at Niall to make him release me.

"What the bloody hell are you two playing at?" I demanded shrewdly, rubbing the spot where Niall had been constantly abusing on my shoulder. "You can't- oh my god, this is not working."

"What?" sneered Niall, laying back on the sofa with his arms crossed over his chest. "You and Simon's master plan? Well, let me remind you sweetheart, you were the one who happily said I think I can do seven months." The 'sweetheart' endearment set me alight.

"I didn't think I'd have to put with this!" I spat angrily, stomping off to the other side of the room sort of anti-climatically seeing as I had nowhere to go.

"Right," he scoffed, getting up, "And I have to put with you?"

"Then why the bloody hell did you agree to the plan?" I yelled, watching as a smirk came onto his face. "Huh?" He shook his head slowly.

"You might be a slut, be Harry seems to care," he said. That must be the worst excuse in the world.

"Nice try with the slut thing," I said, my voice heavy with sarcasm, "But that one doesn't really work anymore."

"Oh yeah?" he asked, folding his arms as well. It was just the two of us, arguing on opposite sides of the room while Harry sat there uncomfortably and just was confused. "Why not? Trying to clean up your act? Pity you can't clean up the list of STIs you've probably got." I seethed furiously.

"Nope," I exhaled, "Cos I'm perfectly happy to be a slut." Lie. That word still hurt like a punch to the gut.

"Then what?" he demanded, dropping his arms and glaring at me expectantly, "Sleeping with half of London is your form of revenge? Jesus, why did it have to be you? Did someone break your heart?" He finished with a mocking voice, full of sarcasm of bitterness. I faltered, staring at him blankly. He smiled victoriously. "Yeah. I thought so."

He turned and went to leave the room, but I looked around desperately, furious. I grabbed the closest thing to me, a nearby phone book and chucked it at his head. My aim was pretty accurate as it collided with him sharply.

"You don't get to walk away!" I screeched. He turned to glare at me with a whole new level of anger.

"No?" he said in a quiet voice, as he approached me. I backed away, slightly anxious. "NO?"

"NO!" I shouted back. "You have been nothing but a prick to me!" I shoved him angrily by his shoulders. There was a dull throb in my right shoulder from his nail marks. He still came at me, so our faces were right infront of each other’s while we screamed obscenities at the top of our lungs.





"Guys- GUYS, ENOUGH!" yelled Harry, jumping to his feet, and forcing us physically apart. "Holy crap, I don't even know how that escalated so fast. Can you guys keep your heads on?"

"What's all the noise?" demanded a large looking guy as he popped his head through the door. I recognised him as Paul, or rather the boys middle aged babysitter.

"Nothing," answered Harry immediately, and Niall and I's heads both snapped towards him. "We were- I mean, they were just..." He trailed off incoherently, staring at the two of us like he expected us to come up with our own excuse even though he'd started it off pretty lamely already.

"We had our first big fight!" said Niall brightly, and I looked at him with a combination of disgust and shock. He grabbed me and yanked to his side so I was forcibly squashed up against him. I tried to squirm but he held steadfast. There was a massive smile on his face. "'s alright, Paul. We're fine now."

Bloody hell, I was going to rip his face off.





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