Up All Night- One Direction Fanfic

Nicole, Madison, Caroline, Ashlynn, & Justin had always been best friends. When Justin became best friends with Liam, Louis, Zayn, Harry, and Niall, things got complicated. Relationships started, friendships ended.


Thank you,
Lexie Horan

Also, I need some other girls to be in the story. :) If you want to be in the story, comment your name and which boy you want to be best friends with. By the way, Justin is played by Justin Bieber


2. School

Nicole POV:

Justin ran over to me, "Nikki!!" I laughed, "What?" He smiled, "Party at Zayn's and my house!" I raised an eyebrow, "How? Your mom would kill you!!" I nodded, "I know. But she and Josh are in Hawii. AND he left me some money." I giggled, "Fine. I'll go to Zayn's, then pass out at your house. Better?" He nodded. I pointed, "Taylor's here. Go flirt with your girlfriend." He smiled and hugged me. I ran over to Niall, causing him to fall to the ground, "Ouch!" He looked up at me, "Yes, Nicole?" I laughed, "I'm sorry," I got up, "bro. Zayn is having a party." He nodded, "Yes. I am aware of that. We are going to be playing at the party." I smiled, "Can I sing with y'all?!" He rolled his eyes, "Love. No." I stuck my tongue out at him, "Meany!" He laughed and kissed my forehead.


Justin POV:

I walked up to Taylor, "Hey, Shawty." She smiled, "Hola." I laughed, "How was Spanish?" She giggled, "Good. Hey, you know how Zayn's having that party tonight?" I nodded, "Yeah. I'm havin' one too." She faked a smile, "Oh, fun. Well, anyways, I can't come. Spencer has a game tonight." I nodded. Her brother, Spencer, was a superstar athlete. He loved baseball, soccer, football, anything. I kissed her cheek, "Alright. Bye." I looked and saw Liam, "Hey, Liam!," I said, running towards him.


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