Up All Night- One Direction Fanfic

Nicole, Madison, Caroline, Ashlynn, & Justin had always been best friends. When Justin became best friends with Liam, Louis, Zayn, Harry, and Niall, things got complicated. Relationships started, friendships ended.


Thank you,
Lexie Horan

Also, I need some other girls to be in the story. :) If you want to be in the story, comment your name and which boy you want to be best friends with. By the way, Justin is played by Justin Bieber


3. Party Time

Nicole POV:

I walked to my class. Me and Niall had the same class, which is band. Nora, Niall's best friend, is in that class also. We are all one big group of friends. I walked in, and Nora was talking to Niall, "So, I told Justin that I was single, and, oh hey, Nicole!" I smiled, "Hey. Did you hear about Zayn's sister?" Niall looked at me, "Huh?" I sat down, "She's dating Louis." Niall and Nora exchanged looks. I nodded and grabbed my violin, beginning to play. I had always had a crush on Niall. I don't think anybody knew tho. I began to sing quietly. I looked back at Niall who began to sing too. Nora was smiling. She liked him too, but she thought of him like a brother. I think of his as a brother too, but I really want to be more than friends.


Justin POV:

It was soon time for the party. I was at my house, and putting the final touches on the rooms. I unlocked all the rooms, and made sure my room was locked. That would be wierd... some random person having sex in my own room. And it's not even me! Geez. I ran outside to Zayn's. When I got there, a lot of people were already drunk. I smiled at this girl Zayn was dancing with. Caroline. Now, Caroline isn't that smart... but she was hot as fuck. I laughed, "Hey, bro. Cool party." He stopped dancing, "Yeah. I know. My mom and dad are outta town. Your party's gonna be sick too." I nodded and walked off to Nicole. She was sitting by herself. I walked over there, "What's wrong?" She looked up at me and faked a smile, "Nothing." I sat down beside her and handed her a beer, "Tell me." She took the beer in her hand, "Nothingg." I sighed and drank some, "Something's wrong. What? Niall like somebody else?" She gasped, "How do you know?!"  I laughed, "I didn't!! But I do now!" She sighed and started drinking, "Whatever."


So I was drinking and having a good time, when this girl started dancing with me. She was pretty hot to be honest. I didn't know what to do. She looks like Taylor... but I know it wasn't. Taylor has never danced with me before. Or drank. She's a total goody-goody. I smiled at the girl and whispered in her ear, "Wanna go to my house?" She nodded, and dragged me outside. Once we got to my house, other people were already there. Some were strippin on the couch, while some were just dirty dancing in my living room. I grabbed the girls hand, and unlocked my door. I walked in, and you won't believe what I saw.

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