Up All Night- One Direction Fanfic

Nicole, Madison, Caroline, Ashlynn, & Justin had always been best friends. When Justin became best friends with Liam, Louis, Zayn, Harry, and Niall, things got complicated. Relationships started, friendships ended.


Thank you,
Lexie Horan

Also, I need some other girls to be in the story. :) If you want to be in the story, comment your name and which boy you want to be best friends with. By the way, Justin is played by Justin Bieber


5. New Girl For Justin

Justin POV:

I woke up the next morning with a bad hangover. Did Taylor REALLY cheat on me with that kid? I know she was drunk, but I mean, seriously?! After she told me she was going to Spencer's game. Ahhh. -.- I walked out of my living room. People passed out everywhere. Niall and Nicole were asleep on the floor. At least I hope they didn't pass out. I went to wake them up, "Nikki....wake up. Nikki... NIKKI." Nothing. "NICOLE AMANDA CARTER!!!!!!!!!" She woke up, "WHAT?!?!" I giggled, "Hi." Niall woke up, "What the heck, bro?" I smiled, "Help me clean this place up, man." Nicole sighed and grabbed a bag, beginning to clean. There is this girl that was helping clean up too. She had long, brown hair, blue eyes, and she was kinda short. Well, shorter than me. Not that short. She was also really cute. I smiled, "Ummm... I could have sworn I didn't ask you to help." She smiled back, "Yeah, but I figured a hot guy like you would be off with some girl, so I decided to help ya out." She winked. I laughed, "Oh, so you think I'm a player?" She moved closer to me, "I never said that." I looked down into her eyes, "Sure. But you were thinking it." She rolled her eyes, "Bieber. Shut up and help me clean." I looked down at her and kissed her forehead, "Naw. I think I'm gonna take a nappy-wappy!" She slid her fingers in a Z formation like Louis, "Umm. No. Get your lazy arse up." I stood up, "Yes, ma'am!" We both laughed, and talked as we cleaned.

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