Take Me Home

Celine is 17 years old and loves one direction, so when their tour brings them to Canada she MUST get tickets to the concert. But what happens when Harry and her make an unexspected connection? Will their love be ever lasting or will distance, time and jealousy tear them apart ? And what about best friend Melissa ? Will she find love or will she always be just a side kick? ATTENTION story may get too graphic for some individuals, you were warned. My first story so don't be too quick to judge, give it a chnce it gets better as you read it.


7. The Concert


Liam’s P.O.V.

It was eight o’ clock and time for us to leave and get ready for the concert but, I could see the hesitation in Harry’s eyes. He didn’t want to be away from her for that long. He couldn’t stand to not be next to her and he’d only known her for a short while. At least Celine wasn’t the girl that I loved but, the problem Melissa was, and when Zayn walked in the door glowing with happiness, a smile on his face, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to stand a chance with her. And to be honest , it crushed my heart because I didn’t even have a single chance. Not one. I just had to deal with it. Deal with the fact that I would never know what it was like to love her and, to be in love with her.

Niall’s P.O.V.

When Zayn and Harry had returned to our room from the girl’s I could tell some things had happened because of their uncontrollable smiles. I wasn’t happy about it but I knew I just had to deal with it. I really did make me up set though, to think about what could’ve gone down.  Then I wondered… Was it just me? I knew the girls were beautiful without a doubt, so was it possible that the other boys could have crushes on them as well? I guess it was possible but I liked to think that they didn’t because it gave me a better chance. Then I really thought about it hard and reality hit that Harry and Zayn were my best frinends and girls shouldn’t come between us. But would they? At this point I didn’t’ know, all I knew was that our friendship was strong and it should stay that way.

Anyway, there was no time to think about such things, we needed to get out the door and show up at the event. As we piled into our van, you  could feel the excitement in the air. This was our third time in Canada but it always felt like the first and this night was no exception. We got there with fifteen minutes to spare not counting our wardrobe and make up time.

Louis' P.O.V.

It was almost time to go ouot on tage and everyone was doing their own mini warm-up rituals. This was not only the concert that was kicking off a string of shows in the future but it also included more than one acoustic songs that we hadn't preformed infront of  such a large crowd before.

5.....4......3.....2...... (our director was counting down through our ear pieces) annnnnnd GO !

Then we heard our que to run out on the stage INTRODUCING ONE DIRECTION ! HARRY, NIALL, LIAM, LOUIS AND ZAYN !

We ran out on the stage starting with "Live While We're Young".

After that the rest was history. We enjoyed the night with carefree attitudes; enjoying the company of our fans and eachother. By the time the concert was over we were tired. Tired but, still on that high from being on stage and seeing all the people who came out to hear us sing.

Harry's P.O.V.

After the concert we hung out in the dressing  room waiting for the go ahead to leave the venue. We were headed back to the hotel and I waas hoping to see Celine once we got back. Would she stop by my room ? Should I stop by hers? I waspulled out of my thoughts by a knock on the door. It was Paul, he told us that before we ould leave all we had to do was sign some CD's and meet a couple of fans. We did and then got the go ahead to exit the building and go get some sleep. But Iknew Iwould't be able to leep if Ididn't see her so Imade a plan. When we got back, I would wait for the boys to start taking showers and watching the telly and i'd slip out of the room and go to Celine's.

I waited and they did as I suspected (they were so predictable). Anywyas, I slipped out andstarted to walk down the hall in the direction of her room.


Celine's P.O.V.

The concert was amazing, everything I had pictured and more! I was so pumed up and there was no way that I was going to sleep. On the other had my best friend was passed out as soon as her head hit the pillow. Then I heard a light knock on the door. Who could it be? Room service ? I didn't order anything, maybe cleaning services ? But why it was one in the morning? I slowly opened the door secpticle of what could be on the other side...


A/N : Sorry for the short chapter! Will update as soon as possible! Less time because of upcoming exams :( But I try ;;)

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