Take Me Home

Celine is 17 years old and loves one direction, so when their tour brings them to Canada she MUST get tickets to the concert. But what happens when Harry and her make an unexspected connection? Will their love be ever lasting or will distance, time and jealousy tear them apart ? And what about best friend Melissa ? Will she find love or will she always be just a side kick? ATTENTION story may get too graphic for some individuals, you were warned. My first story so don't be too quick to judge, give it a chnce it gets better as you read it.


8. The After Party

Harry's P.O.V.

I knocked on her door lightly, incase she was already asleep.I couldfeel a bit of regret and disapointment when the door didn't open. I'm so stupid, why would she want to see me after her long day? She was probably already asleep, and if I'd woekn herI'd feel like the largest ass on the planet. I was about to turn around and walk back to my room when the door hesitantly cracked open. Then I saw a pair of beautiful eyes peer out at me leaving. I was leving ? Well I was about to, but for sure I'm not now. I turned slightly to face her and I placed my hand awkwardly at the back of my neck tugging down till it kind of hurt a bit, it was obvious I was nervous. But before I could make out words she flly opened the door, reaching for my hand and she pulled me inside. Well, that wasn't so hard now was it ? To be honest I liked it when she took the lead because it kept from us having any awkward silences. But, it seeemed that he was taking the lead all the time and I wanted to woo her. No woman wants a guy who just pussy's out and can't make a move.

"Hi Harry" she said in a suprising non-flirtcious tone.

"Hi" I said, ready to take charge, "Did I wake you ?"

"No, I'm so pumped after that concert I don't think I could be asleep for a couple more hours" she said almost a bit too loudly.

I could tell she was trying to be quiet by the way she was talking and tiptoeing around the living room. Melissa must be asleep.I looked over to see Melissa passed out on the couch. Damn that's where I was hoping to make my move, oh well I 'll just have to improvise.

"Well that's good considering I was planning on keeping you up anyways"I said with a smug smile.

She looked  bit shocked by my whitty comment but seconds later her questioning look turned into  a smug little grin. I knew she hadn't seen  this side of me but I also knew she liked it. Before I could even think of the consequences of moving too fast, or waking up her friend, or getting my manager mad or even beef from the boys, I pulled her close and crashed her lips against mine. She, still in a bit of shock by my forwardness took a couple seconds to comprehend what was happening but within no time she was kissing me back. Our lips moved in a rhythm with a compatability that I'd never felt with anyone else.We were like puzzel pieces that fit together perfectly. Soon, I had her picked up into my arms and my little burst of adventourousness has gotten very heated. I didn't want to sleep with her, I knew it wouldn't be right especially because I'd only met her recently but in this moment everything just felt so right.


Celine's P.O.V.

He was going so fast. He just grabbed me and kissed me, hard. He wrapped him arms around my hips slowly moving them lower. Who did he think he was just coming in here to get me into bed. What we were doing wasn't bothering me, what was bothering me was the pace we were going at. Soon I'd have my clothes off and he'd no longer have his. Not that I wouldn't like that (trust me I .would) but I literally just met the guy, even if he is Harry Styles he can't just come in here and expect a booty call. But, on the othet hand I loved the way he took charge and kissed me when I wasn't exspecting it. He knew what I was craving, he knew that if he didn't do what he did right then and there he probably would've lost me, and to be honest he probably would've because I don't always like being the take charge kind of girl. Just when I was about to let it slide he pulled back from me.

"Celine" He said in a bit of a pant."I just want you to know, well umm I mean...I didn't come here to ..." he said trailing off cranning his neck towards the bedroom. then looking back at me sympathetically.

Wait. Was there something wrong with me that he didn't want to take me to bed. Maybe I wasn't pretty enough ? Was I not up to his standards ? I started to panick. Wait a minuteago wasn't I angry with him for this ? He was giving me what I wanted so why was I upset? I stayed in my panicky silence for a minute just staring at him untill I realised that he was uncomfortable.

"Well unless you want to but, I don't know, I'm not really 100% with it" He said carefuly choosing his words, "I just feel like it's too soon and.."

Before another word could escape his perfectly pink lips I lightly placed mine ontop of them. I could feel his smile through our kiss and it made me feel warm inside and at that moment I knew the felt the same.


Melissa's P.O.V.

What the hell ws Harry doing here ? What the hell did I just witness ? Ugh, life is so complicated. My plan, was to pretend to crash on the couch and when Celine went to go take a shower, I'd sneak out to Zayn's room (just as we planned).But, it seems Harry beat me to it and now I'm stuck here watching them desperately make out and not remove a single item of clothing. My advice is if you're gonna do it go all the way. But, hey , I respect Celine for not jumping in the sack just yet. It's not like she hasn't done IT before or anything like that I just respect her style. On the other hand, there was my style, kissing a guy while his eyes are closed nd while you're naked and soapy but, what ever works right ?

Anyways, finally the two love birds headed into the bedroom to do what they wanted (which wasn't much by my guess) but, what ever I didn't want the details,... untill later. I laughed to myself as I grabbed my pre-packed purse fully stocked with some lingere, my room service card for the morning and a bottle of water. WAIT. Condoms, shit ! How could I forget something so crutial ! Should I go down to the drug store and buy some ? Does he have any ? Well, I don't think he was exspecting it to happen tonight out of all nights and I don't think he just brings them with him on tour. Or maybe he does...Well, I guess I'm going to have to trust that he'll have some.... maybe he keeps one in his wallet just in case he wants to bang a groupie or something. Then it hit me, wait that's all I am to him arn't I just a booty call. Well it wasn't like I was exactly shoving him away from me, more like using a giant magnet on a paperclip. But, was he that kind of guy ? I honestly didn't know... and the more I thought about it the more I convinced myself that it was a bad idea going but, I'd promised that I'd be there and I was going to keep my promise. Reluctantly, I opened the door and headed down that hall.

I was going to knock on the door but a large man stood infront of it.

"Excuse me please?" I said, trying to be polite.

"Sorry Miss you're not allowed to go in here, the boys are resting." He said very professionally.

"But, Zayn asked me to come Mr. " I said with  bit of sass, een though it wasn't needed.

"Yeah sure he did honey, you're still not getting in sweet heart" he said as-a-matter-of-factly .

"Well what am I suposed to do then Honeybear beacause I need to get in. "I said a bit angry now at the fact that my sass had been returned in a way.

"You're supoed to walk on by beofre I call security." He said obviousy annoyed by my tone.

Then I walked backwards across the hall  never taking my eyes from his and texted Zayn.

Mel : Can you tell your body guard to let me in or am I suposed to wait out here forever ???

Zayn: Sorry babe! I forgot to tell him ! I'll be there in a sec. xx

Mel: Thanks Lovely. xxx

I looked up to give the body guard a little snicker and aprox. 60 second later the door was opened by Zayn in a tuxedo. He talked to the body guard for a second and then invited me in.

"Sorry about that miss just trying to do  my job. No hard feelings ? " He said sympathetically.

"All is forgiven Honeybear." I said as I walked inside.

Now, why was Zayn in a tuxedo ? I suddenly felt self concious about my skinny jeans and cowboy boots. I thought this was just a last minute date.He opened the door to what looked like to be a bed room , here we go .. but it wasn't. It was a small sitting room with two chairs and in the middle, two mugs that were steaming.

"This is lovely. " I said pleasantly surprised.

"Like me ?" He said cheekily.

I couldn't help but smile at his smile as he gestured for me to sit down.

"So Ihave to ask... what's with the tux ?" I said giggling.

"Hey !, don't judge me Niall said I'd look sharp" he said realising that he looked dumb.

I got up and leaned over the chair he was sitting in to losen his tie. As soon as I did,he undid his links, took off his jacket and unbuttoned his shirt revealing a tatoo he had on his chest. He caught me staring ands smiled at me.

"You like what you see?" he said in a joking manner.

"I don't like tatoos.. " I said a little self consious.

"Oh," he said suddenly making it awkard.

"Zayn" I said trying to sound innocent.

"Yeah" he said looking up , he was totally under my spell.

"I'm just fucking with you"

"Oh" he said kind of relived

"Hahaha" I Iaughed "You should've seen your face".

"He he he ..." He said obviously nervous and not finding my little prctical joke funny. "Would you like some tea?"

"Mmmh, yes please Superstar."

He winked at me and got up from his seat to get out his tea.

"what would you like my dear?" he said in an obviously charming way.

"I'll have whatever you have I said, not knowing a single thing about tea.

"How bout I pick one out for you?"

"Okay"I said kind f scared he was going to pick some ranson black tea or gross herbal green thing. But, when he handed the warm mug to me it was filled with a yellow brown liquid that actually didn't look half bad.

"Yumm, what is this stuff?" I said excited at my new tea discovery. At this he started to chuckle. "What?"I said a little self concious and a little scared of what he might have out in my tea.

"Love that's just regular tea." He said smiling.

I blushed and looked down at my boots. Did I just do that ? Oh my gosh ! That was so embarassing... I went to goand si back in my spot when Zayn called my name.

"Melissa where on earth are you going?" He siad in a motherly tone.

"Umm back to my seat" I said a bit afraid of him at this point.

"I don't see why there is enough room for two people on this couch"

"umm no there isn't" I looked beside him to make sure before I spoke, I couldn't risk being embarassed again.

"Well then, it seems like you're going to have to sit on my lap then ?" He asked being fully aware that he was in controll of me.

"I guessso "I said trying to keep my composure.

I sat down on his lap but, after I did I felt something hrden beneath me, well we both noticed.

"Umm in fact I think you're right you should go sit over there" He said, his tension growing.

"Nooo I have to listen to the tea masters first request" I said, Gotcha ! "Plus I like it here, it's ... cozy". And, just like that I was back on the top of the power struggle that was Zayn and I.

Niall's P.O.V.

Well this has just got to be the worst thing ever. Both of those beautiful girls are out with two guys, taken and I'm sitting in my room alone, unless,... no I couldn't Zayn was my friend. But then again, I could and then I wouldn't be lonely and my revenge would be satified. I guess convincing Zayn to wear a tuxedo to a casual date wasn't enough to qwench my  thirst. But why did I hate Harry and Zaynfor dating the girls, after all the girls chose them. Maybe I should just leave it alone.

Harry's P.O.V.

After the awkwardness and the obvious fact tht we'd woken up Melissa, Celine took me to her room. She took out a pair of pajamas and was about to go to the bathroom but stopped herself.

"Can I change with you in here?" She said catiously.

"It's up to you love" I said, "If you do, I'll face the wall  and shut my eyes for you."

She was testing me.

"Youn don't have to nessecarily do that if you choose not to" She said, flirting with me.

Or maybe she wasn't.

"It's up to you dear" I said knowing she'd string me along.

"No, it's up to YOU " She said nd stared to undress.

I slowly turned around only to catch a glimpse of her black lace thong. Oh my God ! Why did I always have to be the good guy ? Maybe I should really take more risks.



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