Take Me Home

Celine is 17 years old and loves one direction, so when their tour brings them to Canada she MUST get tickets to the concert. But what happens when Harry and her make an unexspected connection? Will their love be ever lasting or will distance, time and jealousy tear them apart ? And what about best friend Melissa ? Will she find love or will she always be just a side kick? ATTENTION story may get too graphic for some individuals, you were warned. My first story so don't be too quick to judge, give it a chnce it gets better as you read it.


5. Hotel Room

Harry's P.O.V.

Celine, I thought to myself. Celine. Celine. Celine. It was such a pretty name. This was one of those rare situations where the person fit their name perfectly. When I thought about it, Harry, that didn't fit me at all. You think Harry you think rich, snobby, quiet, elegant almost, yeah that wasn't me at all but, Celine. It fit so nicely and it worked so well. It's not like I know her personally or anything but she just seems so gentle and harmless, so beautiful, so Celine.

When we reached the room she was sharing with her friend Mel, Zayn put her down on the couch, never tking his eyes off Mel. We could all tell he had a thing for her as soon as we saw him totally checking her out in the elevator. He was looking at her from all angles and from his face, I think he liked what he saw. Mel asked usfor drinks but we kindly declined. Their suite was acutally pretty nice, not as big as ours obviously (we had to fit three times the people) but it was quite pretty. They had a better view than we did but pretty much the same decor and same things (standard hotel stuff). I looked up from thewindow and saw that Mel was gone I looked around trying to loate her.

"She's taking a shower Harry" said Zayn plainly, but I could tell that was not how he was feeling.

We heard the water turn on and heard a slight humming coming from the right wing of the room. Zayn slowly started to walk towards it.

"What are you doing?" I said a little bit angry at his premiscuity.

"Just checking out the room." He said, "You know I like this room much better,we should get one of these instead."

I rolled my eyes at how childish he was being and then I heard a russtling coming from the couch. Zaayn kept on walking toward where Melissa was but I went to Celine's side to see how she was.

Melissa's P.O.V.

I was kind of glad that the Harry kid came along with us so that I could stop myself from doing something I would "regret in the morning". I went to go take a shower to rinse off all the chlorene in my hair while the two boys tended to Celine. I kind of purposely left the door ajar. I knew he wouldn't be able to resist andI could act like I was all shocked making him feel badd, further wrapping him around my finger. And then I realised.... what was this boys name ? I wanted him to see me asnakedas Harry was in th elevator earlier and I didn't know his name. Then I kind of started to panic abit because I knewI was letting my self get too far into this "romance" if you could call it that. Then I heard  meek knock on the half open door and turned in fear.

Celine's P.O.V.

I woke up to see a boy staring down at me. I gasped a little bit at how lose he was to me. He instantly backed up realising what he was doing.

"Sorry I didn't mean to frighten you " He said nervously scratching the back of his neck, not to suurewhere to put his hands. "My name's Harry."

"Hi Harry, My name's ..."

"Celine" we said at the same time. And there it was the dejavus I felt earlier today i didn;t know whether to ask him if I've met him before, what happened or idf he was really Harry Styles. I decided to rule out the last one because I have eyeys and I can see that he was so I decided on the least crazyest option. "What happened?" I said very quietly.

"You don't remeber?" He said confused.

"All I remember is seeing you naked in the elevator..." I said blushing like crazy.

His face went as pale as a ghost obviously embarassed by what happened but, he kept his cool and continued.

"You passed out in the pool while talking to my friend" He said once again getting uncomfortably nervous "Then we ... I mean... well I guess.. I revived you because you weren't breathing. You swallowed a lot of water."

I could see it on his face tht he didn't want to take full credit for saving me, and that he felt uncomfortable telling me that he gave me mouth to mouth but I wasn't uncomfortable at all. I grabbed his hand and smiled "Thank you."

Harry's P.O.V.

She touched my hand, her hands once again cold but, this time I knew why. I looked up into her eyes and the same feeling came overme that I felt this morning in the store. I felt helpless her touch was paralyzing me and I couldn't speak. But before I said anything She slowly sat up, I helped her. She grabbed my neck for support and sat up. But, justt before she sat back down she paused, turned, and looked into my eyes. I knew it was coming she was going to kiss me but, I didn't know what to do. We sat there for a second just staring into eachothers eyes, I knew she was waiting for me to make the move but, in this moment it didn't feel right.

Zayn's P.O.V.

I knocked on the bathroom door very quietly hoping she wouldn't hear me and I could turn around and run away, this didn't feel right. I knew she was asking for it but something wasn't right about it.

"Who is it ?" she said hesitanly

"It's Zayn" I said regretting sneaking my way over here.

"Who's Zayn?" She said legtimally confused.

I slowly stepped forward into the bathroom closing my eyes. "Me" I said realising that I had never told  her my name.

"Yes?" she relpied exspectanly.

"Oh, umm " I said clearly nervous at the thought of her completely naked behind my eyelids. "I just wanted to introduce myself I forgot to and, ummm yeah I thought I should do that." I almost ran out of the bathroom regrettimg ever having gone near it. I just messed up any chance I had with her and I felt like complete crap.

Melissa's P.O.V.

When he came in I was a nervous wreck. I didn't show it but I was so scared. But, it was really cute how he closed his eyes and how he was so scared. Maybe I should give him  chance. Even if it I've only known him for a while,I've neer felt this way before.

"Zayn" I called.

"Yeah.." he said nervously, I could hear thhat he had already fled. Maybe I scared him away. I had to bring him back. I had to know if he wanted this like I did.

"Come back here"

Celine's P.O.V.

I looked up at Harry. Was he going to kiss me ? I didn't know probably not but, this spark I felt... He must've felt it too . I knew he did. he started to pull away from eachother when I went for it . I pulled my self back up using his neck and crashed my lips against his. He seemed shocked but he went with it.

Harrys P.O.V.

I knew she didn't feel this as much as I did. To her I was probably just some guy that saved her life. She proably just felt in debt to me and that's what I was seeing on her face. So I started to put her down into a sitting position when I felt her pull back into me. Our lips touched and it was like nothing I ever felt before. It was like I was on top of the world. I wanted more. But I didn't want to ruin the moment, it was already so perfect. We both pulled away, breathless.

"You should really teach me to hold my breath longer Harry. Then things like this wouldn't happen" she said. She knew what I wanted to hear and with that I got the courage to pull her back in for more. We kissed andkissed untill I knew she wanted more. My tongue asked for entr,y and she easily gave it to me. Then we pulled away once again.

"Would you want to go out some time Celine?" I asked with my confidence fully gained back. She got up and looked at me as if she was pretending to think about it and kissed me on the cheek in aproval.


Zayn's P.O.V.

Oh my gosh, she was probably calling me back to tell me off. To tell me that I was some kind of sick pervert, that she never wanted to see me within 500 meters of her again. But,I followed her insruction and returned closing my eyes before I entered. I could hear her step out of the shower, but I didn't hear her put on a towel. I was getting nervous. My palms started to sweat and my breathing became heavier. She strated to speak and I jolted at her first words, not expecting her to talk, just to smack me.

"So introducing your self was really important?" She asked.

I was a wreck, I didn't know what was happening and I couldn;t answer her question and then I felt her come near me. I could feel her breath on my neck. She was standing right in front of me I knew it.

"Well, I didn't formally indroduce myself." she said calmly. "I'm Melissa." she whispered into my ear. It gave me shivers all over my body and just when I thought she had in the palm of her hand, she leaned in closer. I could feel her wet skin against my bare chest and I was breathing so heavy we both noticed it. Then she leaned in and gave me the lightest, but the most amazing kiss I've ever had. I put my armsaround her bare body, surprising myself as well as her as I deepened the kiss. She pulled away quickly and  I let her go with my eyes still closed. I waited half a second and I opened my eyes. She was standing there in front of me, now with a towel around her.

"Well, it's nice to meet you Zayn." she said.


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