Take Me Home

Celine is 17 years old and loves one direction, so when their tour brings them to Canada she MUST get tickets to the concert. But what happens when Harry and her make an unexspected connection? Will their love be ever lasting or will distance, time and jealousy tear them apart ? And what about best friend Melissa ? Will she find love or will she always be just a side kick? ATTENTION story may get too graphic for some individuals, you were warned. My first story so don't be too quick to judge, give it a chnce it gets better as you read it.


6. Finding The Boys

Liam's P.O.V.

Where were they? It was taking them awfully long to return from the girl's hotel room.It wasn't like they  were far away from us, we were on the same floor. I hoped that nothing went wrong and in fact, I hoped nothing went too right if you know what I mean. Knowing Zayn he'd probably already gotten Melissa's phone number or worse gotten something else. There was no way that he could convince anyone that he wasn't interested in her. I think we all pretty much saw that he was checking her out in the elevator. Her name was Melissa but she told us to call her Mel, I liked Melissa better but I didn't say anything to her. Celine was pretty but, Melissa was a godess. She had long strawberry blone hair that's length went right from the top of her head to just above her perfect bum. And it was perfect, I noticed it as soon as I walked into the elevator this afternoon but I didn't gawk at her the way Zayn had. She also had these light brown eyes that sparkled in the light; it was an odd combination and not my usual type but, I liked it alot. She was strong willed and she knew what she wanted and to be honest, it drove me crazy but I knew she wanted Zayn and not me. She wants danger and adventure, she wants the opposite of me. But, I wanted her and that was for sure. Any guy would, I mean the way she carried herslef, always in controll, always calm, it made her irrisitible. This woman was someone I would be proud to put my arm around and call mine. She was one whom my mother would call " a keeper" but, Zayn would never see that. He only wanted her for her sex and when he got what he wanted he would leave her just as he found her, alone. Iwas pulled out of my long and overly-intense thoughts by Niall.

"They should've been back by now huh?" He said leading on to what we were all thinking.

"Yeah, what ever let them have fun." Louis plainly interjected

Louis' P.O.V.

I could tell that Liam was irritated by the fact that Harry and Zayn hadn't returned yet and I could tell that Niall was starving. Thinking about it, why did we opt to go to the pool instead of getting food ? We all knew how irritable Niall could get if he didn't eat. Any ways, I couldn't help but wonder like Liam and Niall, what was taking them so long. We all kind of thought that they were.... having fun, but none of us would dare say the words out loud. So, we just sat there and waited untill they returned because if they came back and we weren't there they'd be out looking for us.


Harry's P.O.V.

Iim feeling like the king of my own universe ! I got to kiss this gorgeous girl and I was planing on taking her out tonight, well as long as I didn't have anything planned.... OH MY GOSH ! THE CONCERT ! I totally forgot about it and we had to be at rehersals by five o'clock .

"What time is it?" I asked trying to not sound impatient.

"Why are you going to kiss and run ?" She said very flirtaciously.

"Oh course not love." I said realising how much of a jerk I must've sounded like. "The Boys and I have rehersals for our concert tonight at 5 o'clock at the Molson Ampetheatre."

"Oh my gosh!" she said all of a sudden in a panic " You need to leave then."

I felt kind of hurt, was she kicking me out or was she just concerned ? I didn't know her well enough to tell.

"We need to go too, we have tickets!" she said, now not caring about if we were going to get to rehersals.

Melissa's P.O.V.

I had left him there, wanting more. I left Zayn standing there in the bathroom bewildered by what I had just done and I knew I was making his head spin. I went to my room and started to put out the clothes that I previously picked out for the concert tonight, a pair of peach skinny jeans, a see through cropped lace top with a long bronze key necklace and a pair of tan ankle boots. I was laying it out infront of me when I heard a familiar light knock, this time on a closed door. I picked up my towel and wraped my body in it once again answering the door politely.

"Yes." I said calmly.

Zayn popped his head in.

"Ummm I was wondering if maybe sometime while I'm here, you would want to go out on a date with me ?" He said still shivering from me "indroducing myself".

He was cute, he had his hand over his eyes and was talking in the oposite direction that I was standing. Right then and there I knew that he wasn't just a player, I knew that he was genuine and that, that kiss in the bathroom wasn't something he expected, just a nice surprise.

"I'd like that. " I said with an uncontrollable smile. " Just not tonight, Celine is taking me to see some boy band but any other nightwould be lovely."

"Are you decent ?" he asked with a smile on his lips and a chuckle in his voice.

"Decent enough why?" I said confused by his tone.

He took his hands from his eyes and started laughing and I didn't understnd why.

"And what was this boy band called?" he asked with a grin.

"One Direction " we said at the same time, me plainly, him sarcastically.

"How did you know?" I said starting to get a little scared off by how much he knew.

"Let me introduce my self fully, my name is Zayn, Zayn Malik. I'm a singer in the band one direction."
He smiled.

Niall's P.O.V.

I picked up the reciver at my bedside.

"Hello, lobby." said a friendly sounding lady.

"Hi, my name is Niall James Horan, I'm here with my bandmates and we're staying in your luxury suite."

"Yes. How may I help you ?"

"I'm trying to locate two guests in your hotel but I'm having some difficulties."

" Okay sir, if ou can tell me their names I'd be happy to make a directed call to their room."

"Thank you. Their names are Celine and Meilssa"

"And their last names?"

I didn't think about that. As a matter of fact I didn't think about the fact that we had only known them for an hour, it felt like I'd known them all my life. It was like we were friends instantly.

"Sir?" the lady said snapping me back to reality.

"Oh, sorry I don't know them"

"I'm afraid we cannot locate them if we do not know their names Sir. Is there anything else I can help you with though?"

"No thank you for your help " I said disipointed.

I wanted to find them and I would. So I got Liam and Louis to come and knock on every door on the floor with me untill we found them.

Eventually we found their room (615) and we rounded up the gang.

"Do we have to go?" begged Zayn while he turned around winking t Melissa.

"Yes," Liam said very sternly. "We don't want to be imposing on these very lovely laides" He said a bit more charmingly, stressing the word lovely.

Was he flirting with them ? I guess that weren't any boundries when it came to who got the girl.



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