Take Me Home

Celine is 17 years old and loves one direction, so when their tour brings them to Canada she MUST get tickets to the concert. But what happens when Harry and her make an unexspected connection? Will their love be ever lasting or will distance, time and jealousy tear them apart ? And what about best friend Melissa ? Will she find love or will she always be just a side kick? ATTENTION story may get too graphic for some individuals, you were warned. My first story so don't be too quick to judge, give it a chnce it gets better as you read it.


4. At The Pool

"Hey guys what's ..." said the naked one, trailing off his sentence realising that his friends weren't the only ones in the elevator. He blushed and attepted to wrap his towel around him only to notice that he had gotten a hand towel instead of a regular one like the rest of the boys. He looked directly at me, clearly shocked at the fact that I was in the same elevator as him and the fact that he was butt naked infront of me and that's when I realised who was staring into my eyes.

Harry's P.O.V.

Oh my gosh... It was her, the girl with the eyes, the tiny figure and the beautiful long hair and she was here in the same room as me once again but this time I was wearing the total oposite if a hoodie and shades, I wasn't wearing anything at all. This was like my worst nightmare coming true. I was in a panic and totally frazzeled, I'd tried to wrap myself up with the towel I had grabbed at the last second, only to realise that I had grabbed a hand towel. The extremely awkward silence was broken by Louis.

"You do realise that you have swim shorts in your hand right Harry ? Or are you just trying to show off for these lovely ladies?" He said very cheekly, obviously very proud of his witty comment.

Everybody chuckled a bit including the girland her friend. I blushed and slowly put on my trunks, not daring to look up at the girl with the beautiful eyes no matter hoe much I wanted to.

Melissa's P.O.V.

Who did this guy think he was running around completely naked in a classy hotel? Charlie Sheen or something? He didn't look half bad but, still it was completely inapropriate. I could see that Celine couldn't help but check him out more than once and that his friends couldn't hold in their laughter. It was pretty funny and I lauhed along with them untill I realised, these weren't any normal guys on the same floor as us......... they were they guys who insisted on having their own elevator not letting us in. Thatactually irked me so much more than I lead on but I didn't want to ruin Celine's mood so I sat there and pretended like it didn't bug me.

Zayn's P.O.V.

I was so embarassed, Harry showing up in the elevator naked while we were standing next to these beautiful girls. One looked really annoyed by the fact that we were here (probably because of Harry, I thought).They weren't even crazed fans, they were legit and looking especially at one, I knew I wanted to get to know thses girls much better. After Harry's little incident we rode in the elevator in silence besides Louis' comment about how Harry was "showing off for the girls".Right before the elevator dinged bringing us to the sixtyseventh floor (where the pool was) I leaned back on one of the handle's in the elevator and cranned my neck back checking out the girl from behind. She had a really nice bum but, another thing I noticed was on the bum of her bikini it sid MEL, her name must've been Melony. Maybe that could be a good conversation starter when we got to the pool.

Louis' P.O.V.

The elevator dinged and we all walked out and I noticed Zayn's slight hesitation, waiting for the girl to walk right in front of him so he could check her out and she did. She didn't look like a stupid girl far from it, and she knew exactly what Zayn was doing but for some reason she just let him stare and walked a bit sassy just to tease him. We both could tell he was loving it and I chuckled insidemy head, this girl and I would get along just fine. But, when I looked around for her friend, she was no where to be found.

"WHOOOO !" I heard. My head quickly spun round in the direction of the pool and I saw only a small splash and then a little head pop out from the water. That girl was deiffinately my type. Before I knew it the others followed by her example and Zayn and I were the only one's not in the water. Me because I spent too much time analyzing the situation and Zayn because he'd watched both girls from behind run into the pool. We looked at each other knowing what we had to do. I went runing into the pool and did a cannon ball landing right beside Harry. Zayn took his time and sat on the steps near the shallow end. That's when she swam up to him.

Celine's P.O.V.

Melissa, myself and the not so mysterious boys had all gotten into the pool at this point and we were all looking around smiling at each other.They didn't know our names but,I sure as hell knew theirs, but I tried to keep my cool as Louis swam up to me.

"So what's your name love?" he said in his cute british accent.

"Celine" I said trying not to swoon and drown on the spot.

"Well, that's a very pretty name,Celine" he said, making my face turn pale.

"Thank You" I wispered back, and then it all went black.

Melissa's P.O.V.

I saw him sitting by the shallow water and swam in his direction. There was something about him that made me forget all the feministic things that I believed in. Normally if I caught a guy checking me out I would slap him across the face, especially the way he did. He wasn't the best at it let's just say. When we were in the elevator he checked out my bum so obviously that I think everyone noticed. The only thing that he forgot to notice was that the elevator was surrounded by mirrors, and the way he "casually" leaned back on the elevator handle. It was just too easy to catch him, but then again I didn't want to catch him. For once it kind of felt nice to be admired and when he looked at me I felt special.

Zayn's P.O.V.

She was coming my way, oh my gosh what was I going to say to her ? Mybe i could bring up the MEL thing. What am I thinking ? What am I suposed to say ? Hey I was looking at your bum and I noticed it said MELis that your name? Oh my gosh. she was getting closer... What do I do ? I held my breath.

"Hey" she said non-chalontly.

It was my turn to respond but I couldn't and if I did I'd be letting out this huge breath cause I'd been holding my breath a good twenty seconds. So I just sat there looking at her pretty face.

"Hey" she said again as if I didn't hear her, even though she knew I had, she was giving me another chance. Okay I thought, Shengave me another chance might as well take it and look like an idiot than not take it at all.

"HEY" Isaid a little too loud, letting out all my breath.

"Holding your breath?" She asked half laughing

I made her laugh, this is a good sign maybe I should just go with it. "Yeah you know just seeing how long I could hold it, you know for swiming." I said nervously.

For  swiming ? First of all I don't/can't swim and propper grammer much? Ugh I was blowing it with her and I knew it.

"I see" she daid. I couldn't read her emotions and it was killing me, then it got quiet and the qwkward silence set in.

"HARRY!" I heard Liam scream. We both instantly looked and saw Louis carrying the other girl that had came in with "MEL" out of the water. She was unconsious.

Niall's P.O.V.

I had just cmome out ofthe bathroom after relieving myself when I heard Liam scream "HARRY HELP !" I had no idea what was happening I'd jumped in the pool once and gotten the urge to pee and left. All of a sudden Louis was carrying this girl out of the water and she wasn't breathing. Her gently put her doown on the pool side tile and waitedfor a running Harry to come and revive her. Her was running faster than I'd ever seen him run and didn't realise that he was at a pool and he slipped from the water on his feet and on the tile. Seeing as I was the closest one to her I carefully dashed to her side giving her mouth to mouth untill Harry came to help. I tried a coupletimes with what I knew but nothing happened.Where was the life guard !?!?! I looked around in a panic to find one but there wasn't one. Luckily, Hrry had gotten up and was at her other side, ready to help her. But, he would't touch her.

"HARRY !" I yelled "HELP HER !"

"I don't want to hurt her!" He said pathetically

"She's already seen all of you, you've scared her enough, now help her ! " Louis screamed in a panic.

And that's when I realised that this was one of the girls who was in the elevator with us and now she was laying on the tile getting more pale by the second. Finally I saw her finger tips curl and he heard her cough. We all took a sigh of relief when her eye lids fluttered open to reveal her blood shot, but still beautiful green eyes.

"Harry..."She said faintly before passing right out. But, she was breathing and that's all that mattered, that she was okay.

"Where the hell is a life guard when you need one ! " Harry screamed, making sure that every one in the room heard.

Liam picked the girl up and layed her down on one of the indoor beach chairs."What's her name?" he said trying to search her for an identity but with no luck due to the fact that all she had on was a bikini.

"It's Celine" said the other girl she had came with, joining Liam's side.

"What happened Louis ?" said Harry in a very frusterated tone. I could tell that he already had feelings for the stranger even though they had never officially met.

"We were in the pool, I asked her name, she told it to me and then she got really pale and she just sunk into the pool, and I went after her." He said shakily. I could see that Louis felt in oart, responsible for what had happened to Celine.

"Well, let's get her back to our room, she needs to be looked after." I said authoritively, only to be inturupted by her equally pretty friend.

"Excuse me ? You're not taking her anywhere. She is my best friend and I can take of her just fine by myself." She said. "By the way my name's Melissa , Mel for short."

Zayn's P.O.V.

MELISSA ! Why didn't I think of that ! I'm such a dummy. This girl had a mind of her own. She was so independant and I like that about her. she knew what was going on, what she wanted and it was her way or the highway but, this time she hadn't thought it out fully.

"OK Miss.Mel Who's going to carry her to your room ?" I said with  considerably more confidence than before. She was a little shocked by my confidence, and I could tell she liked it.

"You are. " she said as a matter of factly. "Come , I'll show you to my room" she said sexily.

Oh my gosh, this girl, tis girl, this girl, she knew how to be all the things I wanted her to be. She could even act sexy in the faceof danger. Well it wasn't actually danger annymore but, whatever she turned me on and she knew it too. I looked around to see all the boys wide eyed and grinnign uncontrollably. Harry broke the mood by saying " I better come with you, you never know"

Melissa's P.O.V.

Why am I doing this? I'm stringing him along and I know it. But, i can't help myself especiall after he proved me wrong. Oh that jus tmade me want to get closer to him. I was having naughty thoughts about him and inviting him to my room, in that voice, it was just the icing on the cake. Then his friend broke our gazes and brought me back to reality.

"Yeah, that's a good idea" I said trying not to look pool boy in the eyes"Harry right?"

"Yeah" he said payng no attention to me, only looking at Celine's limp body.

I ignored "Harry" and took a chance and looked up  at the boy I seemed to be already falling for nd cught him gazing upon me. Gotcha.

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