I knew you were trouble

This is a story about a teenager named Justin BIEBER who was a bad boy until one day a certain someone changed his life forever


2. Meeting Eachother


so here I am in Cali it looks very AWSOME here. I was looking at the Hollywood sign when someone bumped into me. "Oh! I'm so sorry" a guy with brownish blond hair said to me "oh,it's fine hi I'm Selena and you are?" I said humorously "I'm Justin bieber he said smiling very widely "I've never saw you around here you new?" He asked "umm yeah I came from Tampa bay Florida " I said generously " oh cool, well have to get going soo see ya around" he said nicely "see ya Justin" and with that he walked away 'this is gonna be a good start for me' I thought thankfully he hadn't seen my stomach.

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