I knew you were trouble

This is a story about a teenager named Justin BIEBER who was a bad boy until one day a certain someone changed his life forever


3. First day of school

Today the first day of school and I'm nervous of what people will think of my baby "sel honey there's nothing to worry about" my dad carlise said to me " but dad what will they think?" They can mind there business sel just focus on you and your school work ok baby girl?" He said "yes daddy" I said trying to get the conversation over with " love you daddy have a safe day at the hospital " I said walking away "love you too sweetie" I heard him say behind me. " bye mom see ya " I said to her, " bye honey take care " Esme said .....

Later at school I bumped into someone trying to get to class "sorry I'm late to class I was just-" I looked up and it was him, Justin bieber " OMG u go here hey" I noticed his eyes were turning pitch black " um, you ok?" I asked just then a pixie like girl came up too us "um hi I'm Alice your Selena right?" How did she know that?? I asked myself mentally " uh yes, hi Alice " I said then looked up at Justin he seem irritated and annoyed "Uhh, well we have to go see ya around Selena!" She said and she pulled Justin with her while she ran outside .the school
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