Small Town Hearts <3

When a small town 17 year old girl Riley sings at one of her towns fairs, does Justin notice her? Do they get feelings for each other? Read to find out.


3. Starting A Relationship

"Oh my goodness." Riley said. "You're really hot and sexy and I want to get to know you better." Justin explained. "Heres my number. Do not give it to ANYBODY else or this won't work out." he said. The next morning Riley thought this all was just a dream, but NOO, it wasn't. So, Riley took out her phone and texted Justin. " Hey Justin, its Riley from last night. (: " She was nervous cause she really wanted him to like her. He texted back, "Hey baby, wanna come over to my place? I live on 47 Riverlake Ave." She screamed in her bedroom. But, she was thinking, when I go over there I can't act crazy because he probably likes me for me, so I should like him for him. She was going to act like he wasn't a celebrity at all.

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