Small Town Hearts <3

When a small town 17 year old girl Riley sings at one of her towns fairs, does Justin notice her? Do they get feelings for each other? Read to find out.


2. Ready to Perform

"Ar..arr..are you Justin Bieber?!" Riley screamed. Savannah was out in the audience getting ready to see Riley perform. "Shh! Nobody else can know I'm here! I came to see you perform, some of my friends have heard of you and wanted me to check you out." Justin said. "Oh my goodness. You came to watch....ME perform?!" Riley asked. "Yup" Justin said. "So go out there and rock that stage. :)" So, I went on the stage and introduced myself. "Hello everyone! My name is Riley Starr and I'm going to be singing for you guys!" After the performance I felt really happy with how I sang. When I went backstage, Justin grabbed my hips and pulled me closer to him, and we kissed.

I am going to add on tomorrow! It's really late where I live so hope you guys like the story so far! It might be boring in the beginning but just wait ;) There is gonna be some REALLY juicy stuff in there! :) hope you all like it so far!
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