Small Town Hearts <3

When a small town 17 year old girl Riley sings at one of her towns fairs, does Justin notice her? Do they get feelings for each other? Read to find out.


4. At Justin's.

I knocked on Justin's door. He came running out and hugged me, picked me up, and started to kiss me. "Hey cutie ;)" he said. "Hey hottie." I replied. "Oh my goodness your house is humongus!" I shouted. "Thanks, and my mom isn't here, she is with one of her friends shopping so we can do anything we want.... (;" Justin said. "But first I have something to say." he said. " What?" I asked. "Well I know we just met last night but I think you are hot, sexy, kind, sweet and a funnt person. Riley Starr, will you date me?" Justin asked. "Of course Justin ;)" I replied. Justin picked me up and started to makeout with me on his couch. Of course, I kissed back. He took off his shirts and pants, and took off my shirt. Until we heard the door open.....


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Okay guys I will update tomorrow! :) Hope you guys enjoy!! :)

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