All of a sudden...

Bella's a average teenage girl with high grades and not a big social life. But one day, when walking home all that changed.


9. What now?

Niall's POV:

I dont know what came over me. we were talking about our feelings then i felt her plump lips against mine. i dont know yet but i think she could be the one i have been looking for. My Princess. I walked her home and we sat down and watched some tv we were quiet through out the movie. it wasnt awkward. It was like we were having our own conversation with our silence. i looked down at her and kissed the top of her head. her brown hair swished as she looked up at me. we looked deeply into each others eyes.

Bella's POV:

It was like he was reading my mind and we were having a conversation just by looking at each other. he smiled then lent in and kissed my nose. i could feel the burning sensation in my checks firering at his touch. "Will you be my princess? Please." i didnt speek i wanted to but i couldnt no words would escape my mouth. in stead i lent in and gave him a kiss right on the lips. at first he was shocked but then he kissed back. it went from a simple kiss to being a passionate one with firework running through my vains. we parted and Niall had a big smile on his face. "does that give you the answer?" i couldnt help but smile. "hmmmm so its a no" he said with a cheeky smirk on his face. i playfuly hit him "dont be silly of corse its a yes!"




Heyy guys sorry i havnt been updating and sorry for the short chapter but my dad has been having some problems with his heart and i just havnt felt up to updating.

But to tell you the truth i dont think this story is going anywhere. Please comment below and tell me if i should keep writing.



~AKA Aimee <3

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