All of a sudden...

Bella's a average teenage girl with high grades and not a big social life. But one day, when walking home all that changed.


8. The Kiss

Niall's POV:
"Can i talk to you guys" I didnt care if they said no i was going to find out what Bella was doing here. I got Sures and Oks from the guys. "Can you excuse me for just one minute, i need to talk to the lads." she nodded her head in reply and i rushed over to the guys. "What the hell is she doing here?" i wisper yelled. "I thought you said you loved her so we brought her to you to talk about you two." Zayn said completly relaxed. "First of all i didnt say i loved her i said i had feelings for her and i didnt know what they were, second didnt she say that she was ment to be in school today?" They all chuckled and looked at Liam. "Liam what did you do to get her here? Please dont say you kiddnaped her or something." "Well you know how im Daddy direction, Well i sorta might have lied and..." he was interupted by Harry explaining all of it. "Well Liam here put on a discise and pretended to be her older brother. We thought it might be better if you talked to her as soon as possible." At least they didit for me but i am sure the office people know that Bella's an only child, so Liam would of had to flirt a liitle for me. "Ok ill talk to her but use all have to go somewhere while i talk to her." I couldnt haddle them listening into what i had to say to Bella.
Liam's POV:
We all agreed to go but i didnt flirt and dress up for nothing so me and the rest of the guys walked out he front door but quickly ran to the back door and walked in making sure not to make any noise. We peeked around the corner and had a perfect view of Bella and Niall.
Bella's POV:
I dont think Niall knew but i could hear everything they were saying. I didnt mean to earsdropp but they said my name so it wasnt my falt. When Niall came back he sat next to me. I dont think he noticed but all the other guys were earsdroping and looking around the corner. "Bella about what i said yesterday. I did mean it. I just didnt want to make things awkward between us. I would of loved to hang with you and be friends so we get to know eachother and so i can thank you for saving me yesterday. But everytime i talk to you or see you i dont know i just feel like i could explode with happiness. When Lou was singing that song yesterday i ashumed you heard it?" i nodded "i Couldnt help but love both our names in the same sentince but i dont know if you even like me in that way. i dont even know if you think of me as a friend." He was sharing everything with me, how he felt What he thinks of me, i had to say something. "I dont know if you noticed but yesterday when you were in my house i enjoyed your company. I...I...I think i feel the same way about you." When I said that hes whole face lit up. He looked so releaved to hear it. "So what do we do now?" i honestly didnt know what to do. He looked down with a cheesy smile on his face. "I dont know about you but i know what I want to do." With that he leaned inand kissed me. i could feel the fireworks between us spreding like a wild fire. We pulled apart when we heard Harry walk into he room and say "Get a room you two peferably not in this house and dont forget protection." i giggled at Nialls embaressed and slightly mad face. "did you know he was there?"  "Yeah i did, the others are there aswell." He looked shocked when the other guys walked out trying to hide their giggles. "We are home Niall" yelled Louis walking out from were they were hiding "We know you were there the whole time and we know you saw and heard everything." Harry and Louis tried deffending themselves. "If it makes a difference it wa Liams idea."

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