All of a sudden...

Bella's a average teenage girl with high grades and not a big social life. But one day, when walking home all that changed.


7. Sweet Suprise

Bella's POV:

BEEP BEEP I was awaken by the irratating beep of my alarm clock. I was already away though last night i didnt sleep that well. I kept thinking of what Niall said. But today is a new day and i need to go to school. I got out of my soft compfy bed, went to the bathroom and had a shower. when i got out of the shower i got dressed. I slipped on my shorts and tucked my peach coloured loose fitting top into them and put my black flats on. i went to the kitchen to have some breakfast. When i had finished eating i went back into my room and checked my phone. it was like Niall knew i had my phone in my hand because as soon as i picked it up it rang. I didnt want to get distracted before my classes at school so i let it ring out. By the time i had gotten ready it was time for me too start walking to school.

I got to school went straight to my locker and grabbed all the books i will need for session 1 & 2. I walked into my classroom and waited for everyone else to arrive late as usual. Miss Renae walked into the room With test booklets and novels. "I hope everyone did there homework last night." omg i cant believe i forgot. as soon as i got home i had to clean the house before mum came home i didnt do my homework. Miss Renae walked around to each desk asking for homework. When she got to my desk she asked were my homework sheet was. i didnt have an explanation i cant say i was too busy cleaning the house after i got home from the famous boy band One Directions house she would never believe me. But the someone saved my but. One of the Office ladies walked up to Miss Renae and said that my brother was here to pick me up earlier. Miss Renae excused me and as i walked down the empty corridoor i realised i didnt have a brother i was an only child. But i deserve to know who bailed me out of class, especially Miss Renae's class.

I got to the office and saw a guy in a black hoodie looking down at his phone scrolling through millions of tweets. He lifted his head and saw me he smiled and stood up "Ok lets go sis." i knew that voice. I waited untill we got out the office doors before asking who he was. He looked around to see if anyone was watching then he took his hoodie off. "Liam? What are you doing here?" i was shocked to see him yet happy because i knew what i was missing out on.

Niall's POV:

The lads said that they were going to get some food i dont know why they didnt invite me though but i just shook that off and continued strumming on my guitar. After about 10 minutes i heard the door open and close again. I shot off my bed and ran as fast as i could down the stairs "Where is the food?" i saw a girls sitting on the couch on the loungeroom. I ashumed Harry Brought her home. "Who's the chick?" Harry just smiled and told me to go introduce myself "Harry you know what i always say im waiting for my Princess." i said loud enough for harry to hear me but not to loud so the the girl couldnt hear me. "Dont worry i think you'll like her." i could tell harry was up to something but i didnt know what so i started to walk up to the girl "Heyy im Niall, Not to sound rude but What are you doing here?" As soon as she turned around i knew it was her, i knew it was Bella the one i had been thinking about last night. "ummm Hi, i would like to know the same thing actualy." i turned around and saw all the boys in the kitchen with a guilty smirk on their faces.

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