All of a sudden...

Bella's a average teenage girl with high grades and not a big social life. But one day, when walking home all that changed.


4. Strange feelings

Bella's POV:

After i told him my nme his whole face lit up it was sorta funny. now that i look at him he doesnt look that bad his blonde and slight brown hair matched his skintone and every time he would smile i couldnt help but smile back like it was contageous. We sat there awkwardly just smiling at each other when he asked me if he could hide at my place for a while so the obssesive fans wouldnt find him. I had this thing were i couldnt say no to peoples faces cause i was scared to hurt them so i said he could.

Niall's POV:

She said i could stay at hers for a while. she didnt know but i knew i had lost the directioners i just wanted to get to know her better. Her brown hair was gorgeous it complimented her complection. every time i looked at her i couldnt help but to smile. After sitting awkwardly she got up and started to walk. i just sat there alone confused. but then she turned around and shouted"Are you coming or what?" i took that as my que to get up and put my hoody back on and run up to catch her. The whole walk we asked eachother questions about ourselves and what it's like for me to be in a bad like One Direction. the feeling i had before came back but stronger as i got to know her more i couldnt help it. When we reached her house she got the house key from inside the old lanten sitting in the garden and opend the front door. i could feel my phone start to vibrate inside my poket i picked it up and it was louis. i knew i could tell him and he would cover for me so i answered it and then he started to yell" OHH MY GOD NIALL WERE ARE YOU?" "look calm down louis im fine im just out.But could you please cover for me if paul finds out?" "If you want me to lie to paul i need to know the details on were the hell you are!" i knew louis would understand so i went through everything that happend from looking for the lads cars to being at Bellas house"Niall" "Yea??" "i will cover for you" i knew he would "thank you thank you thank you i wont forget this i will pay you back when i....." louis cut me off unexpectedly" im only doing this because 1 paul would kill you and 2 i can tell you like her." "Wait who do i like?" i knew who he was talking about but i wasnt sure if he said it or not "Bella the way you talk about her i can tell you like her. So mate when am i going to meet this Bella?" i was shocked at what he just said i mean i just met her how could i have feelings for her already "Are you there mate?" "ohh yeah umm Louis i dont know if she will agree to meet you and the guys. theres something i need to tell you, shes not a directioner" Louis went quiet for a second "So she wont freck out when she sees us? omg we have to meet her!!"

Bella's POV:

 I walked through the door just as his phone rang. i couldnt help but earsdrop on their conversation from what i heard Niall was talking to Louis and it seemed they were talking about me. Why would they be talking about me? after i heard them say bye and hang up i quickly ran to the kitchen and i did the first thing i could think of. I got out my books and quickly went to a random page. He came into the kitchen and looked around to see what the room was like. i was starving so i went over to the fridge to see what was there"You hungry?"i asked Niall, as soon as i asked him that a smile grew on his face "I'm guessing thats a yes" i got out the nutella and chicken from last night and sat next to him. He had a strange look on his face"Dont worry i have this all the time, its delicious" he shrugged his sholders and grabed a strip of chicken and dipped it in the nutella "wow, who thought chicken and nutella go together? This is amazing" i laughed at his enthusiasm.after we had finished the whole tub of nutella he decided that he should go. i dont know why but i enjoyed his company.then out of nowhere he asked me if i had a mobile "Yeah of corse i do." he got his phone out and waved it around asking for my number. I grabbed his phone took a picture of myself and typed my number and name in. After i gave his phone back he thanked me and i walked him to the door.

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