All of a sudden...

Bella's a average teenage girl with high grades and not a big social life. But one day, when walking home all that changed.


5. Nutella and Chicken

Niall's POV:

When i got home i was in such a good mood, nothing could tear the smile off my face. As i walked into the loungeroom i noticed Lou was sitting on the couch in the dark. He turned on the lamp that was next to him and he gave me a smirk. "Are you seriously doing the whole 'sit in the dark untill he comes home so i can interragate him' Lou really?"

Louis pouted and replied by saying "Well i thought it made me look more... I dont know, Whats the word?" I couldnt help it i had to say it" Creepy? Desperate? Not to mention wierd!" I let a little giggle slip at his facial expression. i went to sit down next to him "anyways, i was going to say" Louis sat up and gave me a glare "Who is she and do you or do you not like her?" He looked completely confident in what he had just said and I knew he was talking about Bella. "Her name is Bella and we are just friends. Speaking of food do we have any nutella and chicken?" Louis sat there and had a confused look on his face. "first of all, We were not talking about food. Secondly Do you want to be more than friends and lastly, is that your little thing with Bella?" i didnt know what to say i knew i had some sort of feelings i just didnt know what so i stayed calm and replied in order of his questions/statment. "OK, so 1 i could of sworn we were talking about food, 2 i just met her today and 3 what else do you think we did at her house apart from eat?" After hearing number 3 he gave me a smirk and lifted his eyebrows hinting something. i knew exacly what he was refering to. "LOUIS! thats just.. thats... just no." by this time Louis was rolling on the floor in laughter. "Ok if you say so but you wanted it to happen didnt you?" I ignored what he just said and looked through the cubord for some nutella. Then i heard Louis singing an annoying some over and over again "NIALL AND BELLA SITTING IN THE TREE, EATING ALL THE NUTELLA AND CHICKEN MAYBE?" after three times repeating Zayn, Harry and Liam came running down the stairs. Great! "So Niall Whos Bella and When are we going to meet her?" Harry said in a wierd flerty way. "SHE'S JUST A GOD DAMN FRIEND THAT I MET TODAY!!! YEAH I MIGHT HAVE SOME FEELINGS FOR HER BUT LIKE I SAID... WE MET TODAY I CANT DO ANYTHING YET OR ILL SEEM LIKE A PLAYOR SHE SAVED ME FROM SOME DIRECTIONERS AND WE WENT BACK TO HER PLACE TO MAKE SURE THE DIRECTIONERS WERENT FOLLOWING ME! SO JUST BACK OFF OK!" At this time i was almost to my room.

Bella's POV:

After Niall left i realised he had left his sunglasses on the table so i grabbed them and ran out the door. i could see him up ahead i tried yelling his name but he couldnt hear me so i followed him to his place. I went to knock on the door but i heard someone singing a song that was very repedative. "NIALL AND BELLA SITTING IN THE TREE, EATING ALL THE NUTELLA AND CHICKEN MAYBE?" i just giggled to myself that must of been the person on the phone to niall earlier. i went to knock again but then i heard what sounded like a heard of elephants running. then i heard niall yelling. i couldnt believe what he was saying. was i true or was it all the pressure he was under? i just shook it off and knocked on the door. i was greeted by a shirtless guy about Nialls age asking who i was and what i want. "Umm hi im.. er .. Bella. I have Nialls sunnies." As soon as i said who i was he had the same reaction as niall did earlier. "Oh so your Bella? Come in come in." i walked through the door and was offered to sit on the couch in the middle of the room so i did. As soon as i sat down there wear three guys looking at the boy that opened the door he still had a huge smirk "Guys this is Bella." the guy with the short black hair introduced himself as Zayn. Then the guy that answered the door (still without a shirt on) introduced himself as Harry. "Hi im Louis, this is Liam. now that we know each other what are you doing here?" He sounded like he was in a hurry to find out why i was here "Umm ive got Nialls .....Sunnies. He left them at my house earlier." I dont know why but they were acting like they had known me for years. "Ohh theres no use being shy here. We are all friends Right" Liam said and the others just nodded in agreement, untill Louis decided to barge in "So i heard your not a Directioner. Is that true?" All the boys looked at me shocked and takin back "Umm a whater?" they just smiled cheeserly at each other untill Niall came down the stairs. "look guys Im sorry for yelling before it just i might have feelings for Bella and i dont know im just confused." At that moment i looked at the boys that were looking at me like they were satisfied with what just happend. i turned around and saw a suprised Niall looking at me"Umm hi Niall i just brought your glasses back. you umm left them at my house." By the time i had finished speaking he was blushing really back and had ran back up to his room i asumed.

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