All of a sudden...

Bella's a average teenage girl with high grades and not a big social life. But one day, when walking home all that changed.


6. Big mouth

Louis's POV:

I knew Niall liked Bella so i kept pushing him to tell me. so being the awesome person i am i started singing the song that little kids sing when they find out someone has a crush on someone else. fortunetly the other guys heard me and came running. they helped push Nialler to the edge and he just cracked from the pressure telling us that he does have feelings for her. When he ran to his room there was a knock on the door so Harry went to answer it while the rest of us sit and talk about what happend. Before i knew it there was a girl sitting next to me on the couch. "Guys this is Bella." I thought for a while i knew i had heard her name before but when? Then it all clicked Bella was the non Directioner that Niall liked. Zayn started to introduce himself and then Harry did the same. i couldnt wait i had to find out what she was doing here. "this is Liam and im Louis. Now we all know eachother what are you doing here?" i didnt to sound rude but i was so eager to find out. "um I errr have nialls glasses he umm left them at my house."she seemed shy "no need to be shy around us we are all friends right?" Liam had stollen the words right out of my mouth. We got to talking but then Niall slowly walked down the stairs. "look guys Im sorry for yelling before it just i might have feelings for Bella and i dont know im just confused." that was just perfect i knew we all hade the same look when Niall found out that Bella had just heard everything he had just said. "Umm i better be going now i have err school tomorrow. gotta do some homework dont wanna get into trouble on my second last year." we all knew she just had to go to think about everything she had just heard so i made conversation." So Bella what school do you go to?" "Umm i go to Clifford senior college down the street in in year 11." i knew what school she was talking about so i just kept going along with the conversation "What are you studying?" she seemed in a hurry to leave "Ahhh pretty much everything at the moment. Err sorry but i really have to go now ahh Bye everyone!" everyone said goodbye back "Your welcome to come around anytime you want im sure we have some nutella and chicken in the house." i knew that she would react to that "Ohh are Niall told you about that? its actually not as bad as it sounds." "I believe you ok see you later." with that she left for her house. when the door shut Niall came running down the stairs "You could of told me she was here! OMG i just made a fool of myself. What did she want anyway?" i could help but laugh at how wound up he was over this. "she came to give back your sunnies and left with a suprise."

Bella's POV:

After Niall confessed his feelings for me i couldnt help but be happy. i tried my hardest to contain it though it was pretty easy because of how shocked i was. After i explained why i was there he ran up stairs. i was left with Louis and the rest of the guys. i couldnt help but feel like Louis kept trying to make conversation but every minute i was there became more and more awkward.We talked about my schooling and then about the nutella and chicken thing between Niall and I. I ended up having to lie to him so i could go.

Niall's POV:

I'm so stupid why would i just blurt out like that. And that fact that the rest of the guys just acted like no one was even there. Now its gonna be awkward everytime i see her cause she knows i like her. What am i going to do? I walked over to Lou he had almost an Evil smirk on his face. "Mate, tommorrow, she has school." Lou had just pointed out the obvious. "Yeah? So what." i had my suspitions about Louis.

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