All of a sudden...

Bella's a average teenage girl with high grades and not a big social life. But one day, when walking home all that changed.


2. At the park

Bella's POV:

I got off the bus and saw Eddie sitting down with his head in the math textbook. i walked up behind him and giggled at what page he was on."Starting from the start hey?" Eddie jumped as i started to talk"Yeah this is as far as i got last night." I sat down infront of him and got my textbook and homework sheet out. i went through all the questions and double checked my answers while explaining how i got my answers just incase mr. Alkan asked him how he got his answers.we continued to do our homework for 10 minutes untill Eddie was finished his sheet. after that i started to walked home. mum works all day so i couldnt call her to pick me up and Dad was away on a buisness meeting in Japan. i was about a block away from my house i started to hear screaming.

Niall's POV:

i needed to get out of this place or i would go insane! so i walked out of my room grabbed some food from the kitchen and went back in my room.i was thinking of jumping out my window but then i remembered i was on the 2nd floor. i went to the loungeroom and Zayn was gone i looked out the window and noones car was there and most of all no papz or screaming fans now was my chance to get some fresh air. i opened the door checked if anyone was hiding behind the corner and locked it before anyone could see me i put my hoody on and walked down my street. But then the worst thing i could think of happed well the second but anyway i turned around and heard a scream i quickly turned back around and sped up my walking. then there was more then one scream there were alot of obsessed Directioners screaming my name and following me

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