All of a sudden...

Bella's a average teenage girl with high grades and not a big social life. But one day, when walking home all that changed.


1. Another boring day at school!

Bella's POV:

"Ok class" that was my english teach Miss Renae "i hope you all did your homework i set for you all yesterday!" The whole class groans. i was in year 11 so one more year and i would be outa here. I was ripped from my thoughts when i heard Miss Renae call my name in an annoying way. "Bella would you like to come up the front and share your essay." i knew that wasnt a question, but a demand so i stood up and made my way to the front of the class."What is your essay about Bella?" i looked down at my crowded sheet of paper and scaned over to the top of the perfectly straight piece of paper "My essay is about Authors and why they write." i said trying to look and sound confident in my writing. The class sighs and i heard a kid in the Back row call out"Here we go" and the whole class laughed. i could feel my cheeks burning with ebarresment Miss Renae gave the class a glar and then looked at me "When your ready." She said as she went back to her awkwardly organised desk probaly to write the guys name in the back row down for after school detention. I took a deep breath trying to calm myself down and then started reading what i had written the night before.

Niall's POV:

i started to get sick of playing black ops on the XBox with Zayn so i apologised for not finishing the game and went into my room. My room was filled with posters and pictures of stages i dreamed of performing at. I walked across my room to grab my guitar from its stand and i sat on my bed and started strumming randomly.i heard a knock on the door and i sopped strumming to see who was at my door. iopened the door and Louis was standing there."Are you ok mate?" Louis was always kind to peoples feeling and i knew if i told him anything it would be kept between us."Yeah, im fine just sick of being stuck inside all day." "So am i Niall but you know what paul said we arnt allowed outside because of the fans" Louis reminded me of all the rules paul set us. 1.DO NOT GO OUTSIDE UNDER ANY SIRCUMSTANCES! 2. do not tweet any details about our next tour 3. do not walk around the house naked.The last one was mainly aimed at harry.I giggled at Harrys expression when he read the last rule his face was priceless. "Yeah your right, Thanks." and with that i went back to strumming on my guitar.

Bella's POV:

I finished the last sentence of my essay and quickly ran to sit bac in my chair.i put my essay back into my folder and then i found a piece of paper on my desk from Eddie who sat in front of me he was the only person who got me i quickly opened it and i read"Heyy Bella its Eddie im free after school if you wanna go to the park and get some of that maths homework done for tomorrow.Hope you can im behind thanks Eddie." he turned around after hearing me strunch the paper up. He looked at me and i nodded, He brought his hand up where i could she it and gave my a thumbs up. "Eddward James, the class listened to your essay now listen to theres!!" Miss Renae said practily shouting.

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