Burning through Deception


1. Burning through Deception


I’ll let you walk to your own grave

Drown yourself in foolishness if you please

In the end you’re sadly never brave

Enough to stand by the words you release


It’s below zero but this weather suits your heart just fine

Not even the flare of a super nova can make your heart shine

Break down, rebuild, repeat, and I’m glad you’re not mine

I’ve already forsaken you; you just can’t read between the lines


Your pleasure lies in your brainsick games

Do you think you’ll prevail because among us you have fame?

Claiming to have changed, but to me you’re still the same

Pompous girl burning in desperate flames


Do you feel naked because my eyes burn through your garments

Into your soulless body befalling disheartened

I won’t fall twice to your deceptive armaments

Don’t hug me because I know you’re allergic to truth’s hearten


When you say hi to me, all I see before me is selfish

Just turn, walk the other way, and vanish


I wonder how I could’ve ever liked someone so heartless

No longer am I subjected to your hell bound deception

Your words brush past me like air molecules, they’re harmless

And we’ll walk separate paths beginning our stochastic inception

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