Sometimes it Happens...

Lola always had it good in life. As a senior in high school, she has good grades good friends and loving parents. One day her parents announce they are moving from the u.s to London England because of her dad getting a new job. She has to leave her old life and begin a new. When she starts Liverpool university, she meets her roommates, 2 girls named Madison and Chloe who help her get settled into the school. They begin to get close and go out and lola begins a new life. In England, the famous boy band one direction is in town, there is a contest going on, bring 1d to our school, and the winners get to host them in their dorm. What happens when Chloe enters the contest as a joke, but then a week later there is a knock at their door? Lola's life is changing but how will some certain boys impact it? Who is falling for who? will things turn south with some misunderstanding? Trust me, read, its better than the blurb ;)


5. This is Going to be Harder than I Thought...

Harry's POV

I am so excited and usually these contests get me like that. I am always excited to make fans days'. And since we, well, Lou and I, already met them, it is exciting to get to know them better. We are in the van and coming up on the school. We see the "Welcome to Liverpool University" sign as we turn the corner. Louis nudges me and smiles. 

"This is exciting actually. I cant wait to meet these girls you are talking about." Niall says.

"Yeah me too. They better be worth it if they are are winners." Liam says jokingly. We pull up to the administrative office and get out. There arent any students around, they are walking to the bigger classroom looking buildings. We all get off and follow Paul and a representative from management up to the building. We go in and we are shown to the head administrator. 

"Hello boys! How are you today? Im head administrator, Paula Capernick. Nice to meet you one direction." she says, extending a hand out. We all go around and shake her hand and introduce ourselves. 

"Well, on behalf of our school and administration, we are glad to be the selected school to host you for the year. And we will find Chloe Andrews as soon as possible too to break the news. The underclassmen start classes today, and according to her schedule" she says looking at her computer screen, "She has business at 9:30. So in 20 minutes we will meet in the courtyard." she says looking back up at us. 

"Ok sounds good." We say.

"Now, I will get your dorm assignments for you all. It looks like the open dorms are in Windsor, the top floor, the bigger dorms. So there will be a group of three in one and then the usual two. The ones at the top of Windsor are larger so there is a needed group of three per each. Since there is 5 of you, we will give the exception of 2 in the big one. So does, Harry and Niall say its ok to be the 2, and the  rest, Louis, Liam and Zayn in the other?" She asks, clicking away at her computer. 

"Yeah sounds good to us" Zayn says. 

"Lovely, so the dorm you are in is co- ed and co- ed floors, so we have the no opposite gender in your room after midnight, and if in each others room after 10, all doors are open. Here are keys to your dorm, try not to lose them, Jaquline is your dorm faculty supervisor, you will meet her later once we congratulate Chloe. Now for your schedules." She says. Wow this is a lot to take in. But we are all doing well in taking it in. Everyone looks attentive. 

"So. Classes. Now I take it you arent going to need to graduate since you already have a full fledged career. So how about you all are willing to help our music program, and maybe take some classes." She says. 

"Ok. We would love to help out with the music program. And as classes go, what music classes do you offer?" I ask. She slides over a sheet of paper with courses on them. We all look at the sheet. I see a variety of classes on different subjects. We all chose music theory, and creating music, and guitar. Liam also is interested in some buisness classes and so he puts them down. I take a culinary class, to get back to my good old baking days, and I see there is an art theory class. Im no artist, but it sounds interesting so I take that. Once we get all of our schedules figured out it is time to surprise Chloe. 

We walk out to the center of the campus. There are cameras for our public announcement and then there becomes a group of fans forming. They arent insane over anything, but it gets busy. Then I see Paula look around and say, "There she is!" 

"Chloe! Chloe Andrews! You are the winner of the Bring 1D to our school contest!" We all announce. Chloe's face gives off a shocked expression. I thought I saw someone walking with her, I look around trying to see if I see the girl who I helped the other night. I scan the crowd and all of a sudden, a pair of green eyes suddenly catch mine. I realize those green eyes belong to the girl. I give her a big smile. I want to get away and talk to her. But her eyes widen and then she rushes away to a building. Then I look over at Chloe who looks over at her direction and then looks antsy. What is going on? 

We gather around her and get our picture taken, then the cameras go away and then Paula tells everyone to get to class. Even Chloe. We say goodbye and then it is silent. 

"Well, lets get settled in." Niall says. We get our bags from the van, and head to Windsor dorm and find our rooms and prepare ourselves for an experience of a lifetime. We see names on the doors. On our floor, there are 2 dorms with names on them, but the others are empty. But then a name catches my eye. I see C. Andrews on one of the doors. Along with a L. Taylor and M. Staples. So, maybe it wont be impossible to find the mystery girl, when she lives next door. 

"C'mon Haz. Lets get unpacked. We have the whole day to get to know this place." Niall says. I smirk at the door and then walk into our room.


Lola's POV.

I walk into the classroom for Intro to Business. I look at the time and there is 5 minutes until class starts. I feel bad for ditching Chloe, but I dont want any association with One Direction. I don't want that yet. I watch the clock, hoping Chloe wont be late on the first day. I keep the desk next to me open. A warning bell rings with one minute left until it is 9:30. When it feels that Chloe is not going to make it, a puffing Chloe rushes in, sees me and finds me and sits in the desk next to me. 

"Why did you ditch?" She whispers to me but the bell rings and the professor begins to talk. He seems very nice and seems like he knows a lot. We go over the syllabus and get textbooks and an assignment to read about the introduction. The hour and forty five minutes go by fast and then we are dismissed from class. Chloe and I walk to the Student Center to relax and talk in the lounge. 

"Professor Mauer seems nice. I think I am going to enjoy this class." Chloe says. 

"Yeah me too, the class went by fast. Now I have a couple hours until Drawing and Painting. I cant wait." I say. 

"I bet that will be fun." Chloe says. I sigh and look out the window. 

"Oh! You never answered my question earlier." Chloe says suddenly.

"well that is because class started." I say.

"Still! Answer. Now." She says grinning.

"I just didnt want to be late." I lie.

"Dont lie. We had 10 minutes and it looked like you were rushing away." She says. 

"Well... uh it was getting cold." Another Really bad lie. This time Chloe laughs. Its a comfortable 60 degrees out.

"What are you not telling me." She says. 

"Nothing!" I say, trying to sound convincing. 

"Hmm... I saw Harry looking around. Does that have anything to do with it?"  She asks eyeing me. I blush. 

"Ah ha! I got you! What did I miss?" She says grinning.

"Well, he found me, so..." 

"Why is that a bad thing?" She asks

"I dont know if I want any association with all this. I dont need distraction,  I dont care immensely about them." I say. Chloe rolls her eyes.

"Well, I think someone has a crush on you and you may not be able to hide for ever" She says smiling at me.

"Yeah, lets just see how long this will last." i say. Chloe looks at her phone and checks the time. 

"Dang it. Time to go get to my next class. See you later Lo. Dont hide now." she says winking at me as she walks away. I gather all of my things and walk back to my dorm. It is so gorgeous outside. As I walk in between the buildings, I hear girls talking about one direction and how hot they are and they want to see if they can get any one of them. I roll my eyes and keep walking. I walk into Windsor and go up to our floor.  As I approach our door, I see there are more names on the empty rooms. I walk towards the doors and I read the names and I feel my jaw drop. I see on the neighboring room's door, H. Styles and N. Horan. Then on the other dorm, Z. Malik, L. Payne and L. Tomlinson. 

"Looking for someone?" I hear behind me. I jump and whirl around. And of all people, Harry Styles is standing in front of me. 

"Um, no just saw more names on doors than there was this morning." I say, fumbling with my key in my lock in my knob. 

"Well, I guess we are neighbors now." He says smiling. I finally open the door and acknowledge what he said and begin to walk in my dorm. But he reaches across and pulls my door shut again. 

"Why are you always running away?" He asks. 

"Well unlike you, I have a life to live and have class and such." I say. I open my door and move his arm and walk into my room and set down my stuff. Sadly Madison isnt here to save me from Harry. 

"You know I do have a life. Just a little different from yours." He says, walking into my room.

"Ok good to know." I say, walking back into the hall. 

"Hang on please! I'm trying to talk to you. And you keep running away. Even if I look at you, you run, like this morning. Why is that? What did I do?" He asks.

"You did nothing. I just dont want to be involved with cookie cutter pop stars that are doing this for a contest and shit. Are you even doing anything here besides living here?" I ask.

"Yeah we are. We got our schedules this morning and we are helping out the music program." He shoots back. I blush, feeling embarrassed. 

"Sorry, its just, I dont know. I just feel like all celebrities are the same, and I just dont care all that much about one direction. I just want to have some normal. Ya know." I say, changing my tone, realizing that I had been snippy. 

"Yeah I know where you are coming from. But now that you are friends with me, normal will be getting far. Sorry." he says.

"Oh so now we are friends?" I ask. 

"Yeah! Almost but, I need a name for m new friend." He says cheekily. I smirk at him.

"Its Lola. Lola Taylor." I say. 

"Wow, what a cute name, and a perfect one to match the accent too." He says smiling. I roll my eyes. 

"And I take it Miss Lola has some sass with me?" he says. 

"Just a little, I have to take time to warm up to certain people." I say, eyeing him. He laughs. 

"Well, what do I have to do to have you not going at me?" he says.

"Im not telling, that's the fun of it." I say.

"So what you are saying is that you are attracted to me?"  he says. 


"What?" he copies. 

"Shut up. You are probably the last person I'd- you know what, why waste my breath." I say. 

"Ouch. That hurts you know, us superstars have tender hearts." he says 

"Yeah whatever, can I go now this conversation is boring me." I say as serious as possible, trying to not laugh. But then I see a look of hurt wash over his face.

"Im kidding," I say laughing. 

"You have a cute laugh, and your eyes sparkle in a different way when you laugh." he says laughing along. 

"Thanks. Well, I have a couple hours to spare until my next class, so I'm going to relax." I say.

"Mind if I hang out with you? The lads left and I dont know where they went" he says.

"I dont know. Will you be able to handle the sass master?" I ask. 

"Who? Louis? I can handle the sass master every day." He says. 

"So I have some competition? Well, what I guess I meant to say was, are you sure you can handle me? " I say. 

He smiles. "Yeah, I think so." He says following me into my dorm. We talk for a little longer, I dont give him as much attitude as time goes on, but once it is 4:30, I kick him out because I have to go to my next class. He says he will talk to me later and I realize how green his eyes are. Stop it. Dont do this. Maybe this whole, trying to hide from him will be harder than I thought. 

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