Sometimes it Happens...

Lola always had it good in life. As a senior in high school, she has good grades good friends and loving parents. One day her parents announce they are moving from the u.s to London England because of her dad getting a new job. She has to leave her old life and begin a new. When she starts Liverpool university, she meets her roommates, 2 girls named Madison and Chloe who help her get settled into the school. They begin to get close and go out and lola begins a new life. In England, the famous boy band one direction is in town, there is a contest going on, bring 1d to our school, and the winners get to host them in their dorm. What happens when Chloe enters the contest as a joke, but then a week later there is a knock at their door? Lola's life is changing but how will some certain boys impact it? Who is falling for who? will things turn south with some misunderstanding? Trust me, read, its better than the blurb ;)


15. The Warm Christmas Feeling

Harry's POV

I cant believe I just did that. Her lips were so soft. Softer than I ever imagined. She didn't pull back and slap me like my worst case scinareo. She looked like she enjoyed it. But then we went inside. And things just got weird. She is almost like avoiding me. We are all helping mum and Gem with the tree and the finishing touches. I walk over to Lola but she just walks away. That makes me agitated.... once the star is on top of the tree, mum decalres its time for dinner.

"I'll help you Anne" Lola says right away.

"Splendid. We will call you guys when we are ready." mum says.

"I can help too." I pipe up.

"Ok Harry, you can... uh.... how about set the table? There really isnt anything for you to do..." Mum says. Just my luck. 

"Ok" I say. I grab plates and silverware and the glasses. I see mum is making shredded pork sandwiches. Yummm. I cant help though to glance over at Lola. She is smiling with mum and helping. Ten minutes mum calls all of us to dinner. The sandwiches are amazing. They melt in your mouth. We all chit chat, saying how christmas is on its way and coming fast. Shopping needs to be done and such. That reminds me. I have ideas in mind for Lola. Even if we hadn't kissed. I would have gotten something for her. She means so much to me as a friend. I just have to talk to her, even if she doesnt want to right now. I need to see what is going on.

Gemma volunteers to help with dishes and when we finish, Lola excuses herself and goes up to her room. Once she is out of distance I excuse myself too. I go up the stairs and I see that her door is closed. I am about to knock but I hear her talking. She must be on the phone. I step closer to hear what she is saying. 

"Chloe, it was magical. It was even under the mistletoe..... Madison, you are such a hopeless romantic. I know. But yeah... I dont know... It's just.." then it gets quiet. She must be having a threeway conversation with the girls. So she liked the kiss. Yesss.... But what isnt she sure about?

"I dont know. I have always had some sort of feelings for him. But.... Yeah... will you be at the new years party? sweet. That's a great Idea. Tomorrrow? yeah sounds good, I dont think Im doing anything. Great that will be awesome! I cant wait. I miss you too. Ok... well... ok. Bye Mads...... Then there were two eh? Yeah... I don't know. I left the table first. I dont know where he is. Maybe. I think he may be downstairs. Or in his rooom.... No why would he be listening? Yeah Ive been a little bit avoiding him... nah, he probably doesnt care. Hes probably watching TV" 

Hmm.. THey are talking about me. Little will they know....

"You are paranoid. He is not listening." She says. Then I hear footsteps towards the door. Shit Shit Shit! I whirl around to flee but I run straight into the wall. And then the door opens. Shit. Caught. She looks down at me and I smile up at her. 

"Chloe I gotta go. See ya tomorrow." She says hanging  up.

"Hi" I say, still on the floor.

"Hey. Can I help you?" She asks.

"Ah... well actually-" 

"Kids its late! Im hitting the hay!" Mum calls. 

"Ok!" We all say. Then we hear Gemma come up. she looks at me. 

"I dont want to know. Im gonna be in my room. Dont be too loud." she says stepping over me to her room and closing the door. 

"Well, I'm gonna shower." Lola says closing the door.

"Wait! I-" but its too late. A minute later I hear the water of her shower begin. I sigh and get up. I get into some sweats and a hoodie and relax and listen to music softly. I hear the water shut off 20 minutes later and I debate weather going over there or not. After about ten minutes debating, I decide to go over there. I softly knock on the door. I hear soft steps coming over. She opens the door, her hair is wet and wavy, she has on pj pants and a sweatshirt. 

"Hey." she whispers.

"Hey. Can I come in?" I ask softly. She eyes me, but then steps aside. I walk in and she closes the door behind me. 

"What's up? "she asks.

"Whats up? whats up with you?" I ask. She just looks away. 

"What do you mean." she says not meeting my eyes. 

"You have been avoiding me the whole night." I say softly.

"I have not..." she says. But I give her a look and she catches my eyes.

"Lo.." I say

"I just.... I just dont know what to think." She says.

"What do you mean?" I ask.

"I really enjoyed it. But what does this all mean?" She asks.

"What do you want it to mean?" I ask but she just looks up and a pure look of inocence floods her face and she shrugs. 

"Come here" I say. She hesitates and she does. I wrap my arms around her and she burys her face in my chest. I stand there holding her for I dont know how long but the time goes on and We feel sleep coming in among us. 

"Harry. Im tired." She murmers.

"Me too. Comeon let me tuck you in." I say.I set her down in her bed, but she holds on to me.

"Stay?" She asks. I smile and nod. I crawl into the bed next to her. She gives me a smile and turns out the lights. As I listen to her breathing steady, she soon falls asleep. I give her a kiss on the forhead and match my breathing with hers as sleep takes over. 


Lola's POV

I wake up to Harry's arms around me. It reminded me of the dorm when he was next to me when I needed him the most. He is always there for me. I glance over at the clock and I see that it is 9:30. Shit! Chloe and Madison will be here in an hour! 

"Harry! Love time to get up!" I say shaking him.

"Errrrm. No Lo just go back to sleep. Im tired." he mumbles groggiy. Damn guy's sleepy voices are the sexiest. 

"Sorry Harry. I gotta go get ready but you can stay here." I say getting out. He groans in response. I go and wash up and change into my clothes. Until I get my shirt on I didnt realize that I was changing right infront of Harry. Please be asleep {Please be asleep... I look over and he is smiling at me. 

'You didnt see anything!" I say. He winks.

"What ever you say. Nice thong though." He says I blush and grab my wallet and I see a red car come into the driveway. 

"Bye Harry. See you later!" I say. I rush down and say bye to Anne. 

"LOLA!!!" Chloe and MAdison shriek. They come and hug me and we get going. We go shopping down in the city and we drive all over. I even pick up a chirstmas present for Harry. A new blue beanie and a some other things. Christmas....

As if saying the word and then it comes. Time flies by and Harrry and I dont get any more romantic than just a peck. Which is nice. Taking things slow. But we still dont know what is really going on. It's christmas eve and Anne wants to go to christmas eve service. Harry holds my hand during the whole service. I dont mind. It's midnight when we get home and we all go to bed. 

Then  its Christmas day. I wasnt expecting anything. Just being here was enough. But there were a couple things for me under the tree. Anne got me some cute outfits and a charm bracelet. It is absolutly gorgeous. Gemma got me a some nail polish and a gift card to the target store. Harry likes his gifts from me and gives me a big long hug. Then Once everyone finishes, Harry stands up. 

"I have one last gift. Lola..." I sit as he comes over. 

"Merry christmas." He says handing me a wrapped box.

I unwrap the box and it is a jewlery box. I open it and glance at Harry who is watching intently. I look down and see a heart necklace. ITs gold and I see a engraving of my name. Then on the back it says Love: Harry.

"Harry its gorgeous!" I say getting up and we give each other a big hug.

"One of the benifits of having a rich brother." Gemma says and gets shushed by Anne. I giggle and give Harry a peck on the cheek. He smiles cheekily. 

"Aww! I love this! Lets eat! Ill make pancakes. Ill call you when its ready." Anne says. 

"Ok!" We all say. Then my phone rings. ITs my parents. Good they didnt forget. They called to say merry christmas and that they are having fun. I explain everything to them and they are glad things worked out. Once I hang up, I find Harry and take his hand and pull him  towards the front door. I plant a big kiss on him under the mistletoe. 


A/N Hope you like the chapter! Its longer i hope lol <3

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