Sometimes it Happens...

Lola always had it good in life. As a senior in high school, she has good grades good friends and loving parents. One day her parents announce they are moving from the u.s to London England because of her dad getting a new job. She has to leave her old life and begin a new. When she starts Liverpool university, she meets her roommates, 2 girls named Madison and Chloe who help her get settled into the school. They begin to get close and go out and lola begins a new life. In England, the famous boy band one direction is in town, there is a contest going on, bring 1d to our school, and the winners get to host them in their dorm. What happens when Chloe enters the contest as a joke, but then a week later there is a knock at their door? Lola's life is changing but how will some certain boys impact it? Who is falling for who? will things turn south with some misunderstanding? Trust me, read, its better than the blurb ;)


19. Dont forget

Lola's POV

I slept ok last night but not good. I havent slept as well since being at Harry's.  But that doesnt matter. I get to see him tonight. I feel bad for calling a break and just... being friends I guess... but I miss him so much.  I wake up around 9 and go downstairs to find that my parents are gone; leaving a note saying that they are at a meeting. Splended. I have a bowl of cereal and flop on the couch and watch some TV. 

An hour later, there is a knock on the front door. to answer or not.... hmmm decisions decisons. I look through the peep hole and see Louis standing on my front porch. How the hell does he know where I live?? I open the door. 

"Hey" I say.

"Hey. Can I come in?" He asks. 

"Uh. Sure yeah come on in." I say letting him in. 

"I was just watching TV if you want to join me" I say.

"Ok. Sure" He says. 

"So... Whats up?" i ask. realizing I am still wearing my pjs and have a ratchet, messy bun. 

"I really just want to talk with you." He says. 

"Why?" I ask.

"I feel bad. And weird about yesterday." He starts. I nodd, allowing him to continue. 

"I... I feel like it was out of line of me to ask you that. Even over text and.... I.... I just dont want things to be awkward between us." He says looking me dead in the eye. 

"Lou... I need to be completely honest with you. Can...can you keep a secret kind of thing." I ask. 

"Yeah totally. What is it?" He asks.

"Harry asked me out right when you did. And I was talking  to him on the phone and said yes. Lou to be completley honest, I have no idea what to feel. Lou. Ive never had anyone like me at the same time. So I am going out with Harry tonight. He gets me. He was there for me when I was a mess when I hated my parents and he opened up to me and I became so close with him. Lou...but you have always made me smile and I wouldnt mind getting to know you better myself, but I have no Idea what to do." I say. 

We sit there in silence. I am sitting on the couch facing him on the other. We just sit there in eachothers company, just thinking. Lou stands up and sits next to me. I feel my stomach flip a little. He scoots close to me and I decide to lean into him. 

"Lo... I am very glad I met you" he whispers.

"Me too. This has been amazing." 

"Lola... just.... go out with Harry tonight. Bu just know that I am always there for you and just... think about it, I want to get to know you better too, just keep that in mind." he says.

"I know.... Thanks Lou." I say looking up at him. His face comes so close to mine. I feel his warm breath on my face. I cant wait any longer so I go up and press my lips to his. Our lips mesh together and it sends sparks through me. I feel my adrenaline pumping. After a minute, we pull away and we smile at each other. 

"We can not tell anyone." I whisper to him with our foreheads touching. 

"ok sounds good." he says smiling. 

We rrelax and bum around for the afternoon. then it was 5:30.

"Shit Lou. I need to get ready for the date. If Harry sees you here, he might think someting is up. I dont need anymore drama than I need." I say. He gives me a pouty face and gets up and heads for the door. I walk with him and he gives me a kiss goodbye. 

I shower and get dressed into some nice casual clothes and wait for Harry.

At 7 I see Harry come up. He comes up to the door and we head out right away.

"You look beautiful" he says as he takes my hand. We walk to his car and go to the city. We end up at a restraunt and get private seating. we talk and talk and talk. He say Anne is missing me and wants me back. And then the sleeping conversation comes up.

"I feel like that I slept the bestt when I was with you." I confess. 

"So Im not crazy after all. I agree. Lola, I miss you. A lot and its only a been a day." He says. I smile. We talk and go for a moonlit walk and then he takes me home. I have to admit this was amazing. I never really realized how much he means to me. In fact how much all of the boys mean to me. Harry drivees me home and we have a long kiss goodnight that sends rockets through me. I cant believe Im saying it, but I need school back. Just so my normal routine is better. But... only a week left. Harry says this is the best night he has had in a long time. It was the same for me too.



sorry for all the authors notes, but this one is important. So I am on spring break now and I will be leaving for California tomorrow. So sorry If I dont update for a while. I cant wait to leave the cold snowy midwest and go to the nice warm, LA and San Diego area. Yay!!! So excited lol. So hope you like the new chapter and I promise you the next few chapters are going to be better than these.  I just have been feeling limted on time and so its not the best. But keep reading, liking commenting and favoriting. Love you all!!! 


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