Sometimes it Happens...

Lola always had it good in life. As a senior in high school, she has good grades good friends and loving parents. One day her parents announce they are moving from the u.s to London England because of her dad getting a new job. She has to leave her old life and begin a new. When she starts Liverpool university, she meets her roommates, 2 girls named Madison and Chloe who help her get settled into the school. They begin to get close and go out and lola begins a new life. In England, the famous boy band one direction is in town, there is a contest going on, bring 1d to our school, and the winners get to host them in their dorm. What happens when Chloe enters the contest as a joke, but then a week later there is a knock at their door? Lola's life is changing but how will some certain boys impact it? Who is falling for who? will things turn south with some misunderstanding? Trust me, read, its better than the blurb ;)


3. An Interesting First Night

Chloe and I are the only ones of our dorm that came today. So Madison I take it will be here tomorrow or something like that. The streets of London are bustling with excitement and you could tell move in day for the other London universities. 

"This is really nice Lo. I like hanging out with you. You are really cool and funny and nice." Chloe says as we walk downtown. 

"Aw thanks. I like hanging out with you too." I say. All of a sudden we hear a bunch of girls let out a shriek. 

"OMG ITS HARRY STYLES AND LOUIS TOMLINSON FROM ONE DIRECTION!!" I hear. Chloe and I turn around and see a bunch of girls with their phones out as they scream.

"Holy calm down. I dont see the big deal."  I say as we turn around and keep walking down the street leaving the group of girls.

"Why are we walking away? We could have seen them. And the big deal? They are fucking hot and sexy and gorgeous and lovely and talented. How could you not think the same thing?" She says looking back.

"I dont know. I feel like they are kind of cookie cutter and I havent really listened to any of their music because it is really overplayed." I say.

"Hmmm.... I am going to prove you wrong. But that may take a while. Maybe I should enter that contest of bringing them to our school for the year thing. But lets be real, that will be a longshot too." She says laughing. All of a sudden the screaming gets closer. We look to see what is going on. Then we see the body guards and the mob of girls. Oh man take cover. 

"'Scuse us ladies. Out of the way please. Time to leave." We hear. We try to move, but the body guards are coming full speed. I follow Chloe to the side but I get tripped by one of the body guards. I try to catch myself but I fall on my butt. 

"Lola! Are you ok?" I hear Chloe say.

"Sorry love. Here, up ya go." I hear a masculine, British accent say. I see a hand and I take it. My ears instantly start to ring with girls screaming. I try to let go of the hand but the hand pulls me to the person the hand belongs to. 

"Wait what? Chloe!?" I shout. I look around but my vision is blurred and everything is going so fast. 

"Lo!! I'm here!" I hear her. 

"Come on love lets hurry!" I hear the masculine voice. The pace is picked up and I have no idea whats going on. The person is trying to almost protect me from the chaos. Then we are pushed into a building and everything goes quiet and my ears begin to ring. 

"Ow..." I mutter, shaking my head trying to get rid of the noise. Wait where's Chloe. 

"Chloe!?" I ask loudly looking around.

"Over here Lola. Are you ok?" she asks. I  turn around and see her there, looking as shocked and confused as I feel. 

"Yeah I think so. It was all a blur. What is going on? Where are we?" I say walking towards her. But then her face breaks out in a huge smile. 

"So you dont even knew who helped and basically saved your ass from screaming now jealous girls. Lo, Im pretty sure-" she says but gets cut off as we hear footsteps and voices

"So sorry loves. Are you ok?" Says a british accented voice. I turn and see two familiar faces from TV. Holy shit. They are really good looking.

"Yeah... I... I think so... What exactly happened?" I ask but my ears are still ringing and I shake my head again.

"Ears ringing too? it was sure a rowdy crowd." the one with somewhat longish brown hair and blue eyes says. 

"It's so loud. So can someone answer my questions?" I ask impatiently. I really want to leave and go back to the dorm and go to bed. Its been a really long day.

"Sorry. Paul caught your foot and you tripped and I got mad so I helped you but that is when the girls didnt stop running and they got louder and there was more chaos and so we grabbed you and your friend and now we are backstage here." the Curly haired one says.

"Ok. Thanks. So can we leave?" I ask. Chloe elbows me but I ignore her. 

"Oh...uh... su-sure, But we will have Paul check how easy it will be to get you girls out unharmed." Curly says, nodding to the big body guard, I'm is assuming he's Paul. Paul goes towards the exit and we wait.

"So, if I'm correct by your accent, you aren't from here," Curly says to me. I nod.

"Yeah, from Wisconsin, USA." I say. 

"And how do you like it here?" blue eyes asks.

"Well Chloe is showing me around, but its ok so far I guess." I say

"Ok? What do you mean? London is amazing! Chloe back me up here" Blue eyes says. Chloe blushes.

"Yeah it is! But I also would have expected a "It was going amazing until... this.." she says.

"Well, lets just say... I cant wait till next year where I am legally allowed to leave without having my parents control." I say. 

"Ok I'm a little lost." Curly says unsure.

"Long story short, Father got promotion and transferred here, moved here, left all of my  old life, not even 24 hours of being here, thrown off to school, and... sorry. Just needed to get that off." I say. 

"It's ok, I understand where you're coming from." Curls says. I look up and his green eyes are on mine.

"Well, I hope you will enjoy your time here. Sorry for... er... spoiling this time early." He says. 

"No! It's ok! It will give us a good memory." Chloe says nudging me. I nod in agreement.

I hadn't really realized I had been insulting their London. Oops. "Sorry... I... I just am kind of faxed and all and of just what is going on. I had no intention to hurt any feelings." I say feeling a little embarrassed. "It's ok. We never-" "Coast is clear. You ladies are free to leave." Paul says. Thank god this was getting kind of awkward. "Ok sounds good. Well thanks for keeping us safe." I say. "Wait! Do you know why this happened?" Curly asked. "Yeah! You're one direction. Funny story actually. She has no idea who you are. She only heard of you guys." Chloe says. "No way. That explains a lot why you want to leave. Most girls would kill to be in your situation" blue eyes says. "Well I guess I'm not like most girls. I must be a crazy nerdy girl. Oh crap! Speaking of school... We should probably get back. We didnt bring our key for our dorm! Jaquline might be leaving soon we need to get an extra!" I say. "Oh shit. Well nice to meet you Harry and Lou." Chloe says. "Yeah same to you. What school do you guys go to? Just out of curiosity..." Blue eyes (Louis?) says. "Liverpool." Chloe says. "Ah nice. Well see you girls. " curls(Harry) says. "Bye!" We say and walk out. By the time we reach the dorm we catch jaquline on her way out. It is 10:30 and I personally am exhausted. We get the key and no signs of Madison. "So... I'm going to fill out the bring 1d to our school thing." Chloe announces. "Have fun. I'm so tired its not even funny. Too much chaos for one day. And the ringing has just faded." I say. Chloe smiles and I change into pjs and crawl into bed. I hear Chloe typing away. "Wouldn't it be cool if they recognized our name and they chose ours?" She says. "It's be pure luck I'd say." I say yawning. My eyelids become heavy and I drift off to sleep.
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